UK weather: Britons wrap up 20C as ‘African plume’ brings Indian summer in days

BRITS are set to enjoy 20 degrees of heat later this week as the ‘African plume’ brings summer to India.

But before that, temperatures will be around the yo-yo as winds move from west to east and back again.


Recently warm enough to take a dip in the waters of Lyme RegisCredit: ©Graham Hunt


People enjoying the sunny weather on the beach in Lyme RegisCredit: ©Graham Hunt

Low pressure systems bring periods of erratic weather with rain and the possibility of thunderstorms.

met office “In the big picture, high pressure is in the north and low pressure is in the southwest,” said forecaster Alex Deakin.

“And this week is going to be a bit of a scrap between those two weather systems. The low will win out in the end.”

This battle between the two fronts also brings windy conditions.

Deakin added:

Some may feel chilly on Wednesday with an easterly wind.

Possible showers England, wales When Northern Ireland During the day it slowly moves north.

Some of those showers can be intense at times.

However, southwesterly winds are expected to return by Thursday, allowing a band of violent showers to sweep across the UK as well as pull warm air up from the nearby continent.

Speaking about Friday, Deakin said:

“But with a little sunshine, temperatures in the southeast can certainly easily knock on the door of 20 degrees.

“Elsewhere, the air is still rising from the south, so temperatures are still well above average.”

Ann ‘Indian summer‘ means a period of unseasonably warm, dry, mild weather that can lead to an autumn heat wave. UK weather: Britons wrap up 20C as ‘African plume’ brings Indian summer in days

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