Unique IQ Brings Home Health Sector Technology Awards

UniqueIQ, a Reditch-based technology company, was named the best management technology supplier for the second consecutive year at the 2021 Care Sector Supplier Awards.

Held on Friday, November 19, the award honors the best suppliers in the care sector, and judges are looking for evidence of innovation, enterprise and performance, including Covid-19’s response.

Following last year’s Digital Awards Ceremony, Unique IQ is pleased to win the competitive management technology division at the Hurlingham Club in London, surrounded by care sector finalists and all industry colleagues. think.

Unique IQ has been recognized for its efforts to support clients across the UK and Europe through the challenges faced through the pandemic. The team worked hard to work on a new next-generation care management system while deploying new system features that are essential and innovative to support the new COVID-19 procedure.

David Lynes, CEO and Founder of UniqueIQ, said: “We are excited and honored to be honored with the Care Sector Supplier Awards for the second consecutive year. Care management software.. Over the last 18 months, I’ve done two things. We support the management of our customers’ care delivery through pandemic challenges and are working on next-generation technologies that will revolutionize the way care providers work. This award is a testament to the adaptability, innovative spirit and true passion for the care sector that everyone shares at Unique IQ.

“Our goal is to continue helping care providers understand their clients in a more meaningful way through the application of technology, increasing efficiency, reducing costs.”

Unique IQ’s innovative care management software specifically helps home care providers digitize the vast number of processes that help them plan, manage, and monitor all aspects of home care delivery. It is designed.

From ensuring that the best caregiver is fit for the right client to ensuring that the drug is delivered accurately and safely, Unique IQ’s technology is available from home care providers around the world. It is trusted and helps to provide excellent people-centric care.

NS Care Sector Supplier Award Organized by the same team that runs successful and acclaimed Care Home Awards and Home Care Awards and recognizes care sector suppliers in more than 20 categories.


Unique IQ Brings Home Health Sector Technology Awards

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