“Unique”-What Leeds United rivals said about facing Marcelo Bielsa’s side this season

Leeds United has entered the Premier League season with eight games. In short, many opposition managers had the opportunity to see and comment on them.

Opposition managers were full of praise for their new promotion last season Leeds UnitedBut did you match this season? Or did some of the brilliance deviate from whites after the start of seeing only one win so far this season?

Here’s an excerpt from each manager after watching Leeds for 90 minutes and trying to defeat what some managers are thinking. Marcelo BielsaUnique team.

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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer (Manchester United)

Manchester United’s boss was a happy man after beating Leeds 5-1 on the first day of the season. After that, Leeds felt like he hadn’t really thought about it.

But at his post-match meeting, he offered one small crumb. They are the strongest team and the most sprint team. “

Rafa Benitez (Everton)

Everton’s new coach praised Leeds boss Marcelo Bielsa after both teams drew 2-2, Benitez said: He’s the one who analyzes the game every day … he’s doing well with Leeds. “

Benitez then told BBC Sport that he was trying to achieve the same thing. “As I said before, Marcelo Bielsa has been working with this team for three years and it’s been six weeks.”

Later he added: They were pushing and we responded well so we are very happy at this point and hope we can continue to improve. “

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Sean Dyche (Burnley)

After a 1-1 draw, Burnley’s Sean Dyche was another manager who was willing to praise Leeds’ strength. Burnley Express : “Leeds is a difficult aspect to play against.

“They like to make it like a basketball game and go with each other, and I thought I contained them pretty well during the game.

“They had some breakaways in the first half, but that’s what you’re expecting and we’ve dealt with it.

“They had one great opportunity and a really good opportunity with Johann. In that respect, there weren’t many in the game.”

Jurgen Klopp (Liverpool)

Marcelo Bielsa said he lost to Klopp after Liverpool beat Leeds 3-0.

At a post-match press conference, Klopp replied:

“We protected them really bravely and in the right space, and aggressive players can get on the ball when you allow it.

“Our idea was to cut out [Kalvin] Phillips is important and you can cut out the pass they want to play and find him in the center. It removes some of their game plans. “

Steve Bruce (Newcastle)

Bruce was given a P45 by Newcastle this week, but was in charge of it when Leeds drew one-on-one to St. James’ Park in September.

Bruce told Sky Sports after the match:

“It was like playing at school. It was end-to-end and they forced you to do so in order to be fair to Leeds. After a difficult start, the reality from our team The game and reaction was great.

He added: It was a difficult start, but I have no objection to it, but I’m sure it’s okay if you keep playing the way you did there. “

David Moyes (West Ham)

Leeds lost to West Ham 2-1 but nevertheless Hammer boss David Moyes didn’t stop putting it thick.

He also said of Leeds: “I personally think it’s a great pass team, but mostly they make really really good long passes.

“I think they’re brave on the paths they choose. You have to stick to them, run with them, try not to get involved in their game, but they broke. When and when you win, all you want to do is break them, and then it becomes like a basketball game.

“But I think their style is really unique. I don’t think there are many football teams in the world playing like Leeds United. I think it’s a great addition to the Premier League.”

Xisco Munoz (Watford)

Leeds defeated Watford 1-0 to win his first victory of the season and was the last nail in the casket of Vicarage Road boss Xisco Munoz, who was subsequently dismissed.

However, before being sent off, he explained the defeat at a post-match press conference:

“They were stronger than us. They won all duels. They were more aggressive than us and wanted to win more than us.

“We know that Leeds is strong in the Premier League and number one in all numbers.”

Ralph Hasenhuttle (Southampton)

Southampton defeated Whites 1-0 at St Mary’s Stadium to win their first win of the season against Leeds, but boss Ralph Hasenhüttle was aware of the win.

After the match, Hasenhuttle said: [Leeds] There were some issues with the injury: Banford wasn’t there, Rafinha wasn’t there.

“So they lacked a bit of quality in advance, but you still have to defend pretty well, and I think we were a very devoted way.

He also said, “It was a very valuable victory I have to say because they didn’t have a chance and had some very good ones.”

It cannot be discussed with those statistics.

"Unique"-What Leeds United rivals said about facing Marcelo Bielsa's side this season

Source link "Unique"-What Leeds United rivals said about facing Marcelo Bielsa's side this season

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