United Fintech adds Fair Xchange to stables

United FinTech, which is dedicated to strengthening FinTech in a stable capital market, has acquired a 25% stake in FairXchange, a costume for transaction analysis, with the aim of acquiring full ownership.

Trading companies use FairXchange’s analytics tools to facilitate data-driven dialogue with counterparties and bring clarity and transparency to execution performance through the provision of independent data.

The financial terms of the transaction have not been disclosed, but United FinTech states that it is the first transaction in a multi-step acquisition for full ownership.

Launched a year ago, United Fintech aims to buy FinTech slate in the capital markets and help sell products and services to the world’s leading financial institutions.

The company is committed to “saving big banks for Big Tech” and is proud to offer a one-stop shop for innovation.

With more than 100 employees in Copenhagen, London, New York, Berlin and Romania, the company has already completed three acquisitions and FairXchange has joined German companies TTMzero and Danish FinTech NetDania.

Christian Frahm, CEO of United Fintech, said:

“United FinTech unites the founders of the world’s most innovative fintech businesses and brings them to major banks under one central umbrella, which allows banks to risk new products. It’s a comfortable innovation platform that enables us to introduce new technologies faster and more seamlessly. ”The acquisition of FairXchange is a good example of that. ”

United Fintech adds Fair Xchange to stables

Source link United Fintech adds Fair Xchange to stables

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