Urgent holiday warning to Britons after ‘zombie’ attack ruined father’s dream trip with 16-year-old daughter

A father has issued an urgent warning to parents after young children roaming the streets like ‘zombie’ have ruined their dream vacation.

lee cocker takes his daughter Magaluf It was to celebrate her successful completion of the GCSE, but it quickly turned into a nightmare.


Lee Cocker heads to Magaluf with his daughter, but it quickly turns into a nightmareCredit: Provided

The 47-year-old man arrived with Charlie on Friday and took a walk around the hotel after dropping off his luggage.

Lee, from Newfernley, Leedstold Sun Online: “We were out for a walk and there were a lot of really young drunk kids and they were walking around like zombies.

“We had a girl who had something stolen and was so disoriented she ran off a balcony about 15 feet and broke both her legs.

“People were screaming when it happened, and I actually ran and tried to catch her, but it was too late.”

After their first few shocking experiences, the pair went out on Saturday without any problems.

But on Monday they heard further horror stories from Britons who had already been there for some time.

“Monday night we went out to watch the England game and a lot of the guys were talking about things being stolen and the girls were complaining they didn’t remember the night.

When a karaoke bar didn’t live up to their expectations, they went to a bar called Night Flight.

They claim that several men approached them with drugs along the way.

Arriving at a lively party, Mr. Lee explained that he had bought a drink, but when he left for a moment, things got worse.

“I had only two pints and suddenly I started having hallucinations and I was really disoriented.

“I saw a lot of bright lights and people’s faces coming towards me. I checked my bag and my phone had been stolen.

“It took me three days to recover, but at night the effects wore off, but when I closed my eyes I still had hallucinations until Thursday.

“The day after the incident, it took me six hours to change all my bank account details, which was especially hard for my mood.

“I probably ate 3 meals in 3 days and slept about 6 hours.”

When the distraught father tried to report the incident to the police, he encountered several obstacles that slowed or stopped the process.

“People were always queuing up there, so I think they’re just doing it to keep crime reports down.

“I’ve been there five times and still haven’t been able to properly report what happened.”

He urged anyone vacationing there to make a note of the IMEI code from their phone, as the police require a report to be filled out if someone’s phone is stolen.

I had only had two pints and suddenly I started having hallucinations and was really disoriented. ”

Lee Cocker

Lee said he returned to the hotel around 9 a.m. and spoke with a girl who claimed she didn’t remember anything from the night.

She sent him a picture of a bloody leg puncture, but the 47-year-old thought she was a needlestick victim.

“But I don’t think it happened to me, I checked later and found no trace,” he added.

“I’d like to warn other parents, never go, but if you do, be careful.

“Young children are being drugged and stolen all the time and nobody seems to be doing anything about it.

“The night after what happened to me, I kept an eye out and heard a young man talking outside my hotel room.

“He was sitting in just his pants, his eyes were really red and glistening, and he had his wallet, passport, everything, and he didn’t seem to notice.

“He spent €200 and someone tapped his card to pay for drinks all night.”

A 47-year-old man appeared to believe the young man could also be a victim of spikes.

This is due to the police arrest Two men charged with robbery and sexual assault of British tourist At a popular party venue.

The pair are said to have ripped the 25-year-old woman’s dress and underwear, stole branded watches and jewelry before fleeing the scene when police arrived.

Meanwhile, a British man who was brutally attacked at a nightclub in Magaluf was reportedly left in a coma by a blood clot the size of a tennis ball.

Joshua Pesticcio, 24 years old, from Cardiffwas allegedly attacked by a nightclub bouncer. Spanish Island of Mallorca.

and, A woman involved in Magaluf’s wildest bar ladder reveals complete confusion what’s going on behind the scenes.

After Kady's return, Love Island finds itself in one of the most heartbreaking developments yet, with the girl being dumped.


A girl claims to have been hit with a spike, and a photo that seems to be a needle markCredit: Provided

https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/22807356/urgent-holiday-warning-brits-zombie-attack/ Urgent holiday warning to Britons after ‘zombie’ attack ruined father’s dream trip with 16-year-old daughter

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