Valk Achieves $ 4 Billion in Transactions Managed on Its Platform

VALK, the market-leading private market digital platform, continues to grow rapidly with more than 70 financial institutions in Europe, North America and the Middle East, expanding after achieving more than $ 4 billion in assets and transactions in a year. We are building for. Using that technology in 2021, East, South America, Africa.

Backed by leading venture capital funds and strategic financial investors R3, SIX Group, Ascension Ventures and Metavallon, VALK has grown 2,500% in just nine months, trading $ 1 billion in M ​​& A and financing activities. I just celebrated what I achieved. Just 5 months ago.

The award-winning London-based company has clients such as private equity / VC companies, investment banks, hedge funds, family offices, fund managers and asset managers digitizing processes and assets to increase profitability and secondary. Allows you to target new opportunities through trading and access to exchanges

The technology replaces slow manual processes in the private market with an end-to-end digital transaction and tokenization platform. This allows users to highlight opportunities to their clients by providing the entire trading process on one platform.

A platform built on the Corda and Ethereum blockchain standards is liquidity to enable an easy-to-implement secondary market while helping users share transactions and assets with other members of the VALK network. To increase. Clients can share opportunities and investor pools and even connect to any digital exchange on the Corda and Ethereum frameworks.

With just a few clicks, clients can set up a secure private portal, save transaction and asset summaries in an easy-to-understand way for investors, and instantly tokenize all uploaded assets.
VALK’s Antoine Loth said:

“Although we’ve seen tremendous growth in the last nine months, the private market sector is worth over $ 100 trillion, just like any other market where our technology can play a key role. , There is a lot to do. “

VALK’s rapid growth and success is acknowledged by being part of the Financial Conduct Authority’s regulatory sandbox and Fintech 4.0, the fourth FinTech corporate group selected for the Fintech Growth Program run by TechNation. Has been done.

Inspired by founders Antoine Loth and Elie Azzi, launched in 2019, VALK digitizes the global private market by providing seamless end-to-end solutions that improve processes and transform the way private transactions are performed. I am aiming to connect with you.

The white-labeled solution is delivered to the client very quickly by VALK and can be customized by the client. Create transactions of all kinds with just a few clicks, set up transaction pages and highly secure enterprise-grade data rooms, upload legal documents, and instantly tokenize all uploaded assets Can be converted.

This platform helps clients keep their investors up-to-date with accurate, compliant live reports on asset and holding performance.

VALK was awarded the Best Distributed Ledger Technology Project at the 2021 Sell-Side Technology Awards 2021 and was recognized as the Technology Provider of the Year at the 2021 Asset Management Awards. It has also been nominated for the FStech Award.

“We have received many requests from clients and markets for more innovative solutions on the digital asset and DeFi side, so we will soon be ready to offer new products for the fast-growing complementary industry. Don’t be surprised if you get in touch with us, “said Elie Azzi.

Valk Achieves $ 4 Billion in Transactions Managed on Its Platform

Source link Valk Achieves $ 4 Billion in Transactions Managed on Its Platform

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