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Vaughan Gething replaces Welsh Minister of Health


Afghani Getching has surprisingly replaced the Welsh Minister of Health as part of Prime Minister Mark Drakeford’s cabinet reshuffle.

Eluned Morgan takes over responsibility for health and social care, and Gething takes care of the economic briefs, replacing Ken Skates, who leaves the Welsh government and rejoins the backbench.

Göttching led the Welsh coronavirus pandemic response and served as Minister of Health for the past five years.

After the Welsh Labor Party won 30 of Senedd’s 60 seats in last week’s elections, a remodeling took place, with Drakeford leading the minority government.

Mark Drakeford / PA wire

On Thursday, Drakeford said: North wales He continues to speak for North Wales and the Welsh Labor Party, but in a different role. I miss his energy and passion.

“Vorn will be Minister of Economy at a critical point. A pandemic is not only a public health emergency, but also an economic emergency.”

Two-thirds of the new cabinet is women, with Dawn Bowden joining as Deputy Minister of Arts and Sports and becoming Prime Minister.

Leslie Griffith became Minister of Local Affairs and North Wales, Trefnid became the leader of the House of Representatives, and Lynne Neagle became Deputy Minister of Mental Health and Welfare.

Julie Morgan continues to serve as Deputy Minister of Social Services, with Jeremy Miles as Counselor and President. Brexit The Minister will take over from and become the new Minister of Education LDP Kirsty Williams left the Senedd.

Rebecca Evans remains the Welsh Finance Minister, but adds a municipality to her portfolio.

Mick Antoniu will replace Miles as Counsel General, Jane Hut will be Minister of Social Justice, and Hannah Britin will be Deputy Minister of Social Partnership.

Vaughan Gething replaces Welsh Minister of Health

Source link Vaughan Gething replaces Welsh Minister of Health

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