Veganuary 2022: Subway, Lidl, Papa John’s joined

Veganuary is a massive trend, which will be more prominent in 2022. Whether you are a vegan or want to be one, you will be happy to find out that many brands will follow this trend in the new year. We could spot a vegan pizza when checking the Lidl offers next week. In addition, Starbucks introduced a new fish alternative sandwich on the menu. Consequently, many global brands followed this popular trend.

Expect to see many more brands joining the initiative in the near future. For vegans, this means plenty of new flavors to explore. Since many companies will expand their vegan options, you don’t want to miss them. In this post, we share which brands will launch meat alternative options. Make sure not to miss them!

Subway introduces plant-based subs

Vegans will now have tasty food options when buying from Subway. Before the official announcement, there were rumors of a vegan chicken sandwich. However, they proved to be true. The brand officially confirmed that they would launch their new vegan chicken sandwich in the UK.

However, this isn’t the only meat-free option Subway will introduce for its vegan consumers. A vegan steak sandwich will follow up in February, providing another tasty option. Subway announced that they achieved the best balance of flavors and plant-based ingredients to suit customers’ tastes.

Papa John’s breakfast pizza comeback

Papa John’s is a popular pizza restaurant that will also join the vegan challenge. They announced the comeback of their popular fry-up, but this time in a vegan version. The famous pizza will be available with plant-based ingredients as a limited edition item in the UK.

The breakfast pizza will have carefully selected ingredients for the best flavor. Papa John’s already revealed the ingredients, so hungry vegans will have another option when craving pizza. The recipe includes mushroom, potato tot, and baked beans topping. In addition, the pizza recipe includes non-dairy cheese and meatless sausages. The pizza is available in-store and online if you are feeling hungry now.

Lidl adds pizza to their existing vegan options

If Lidl is your favorite shopping spot, you will be so happy that they expanded their vegan options. For now, the brand offers a selection of vegan foods. In response to Veganuary, they will add more plant-based food options to suit customers’ demands. UK customers will have the unique opportunity to buy from a select range of vegan foods.

One of the announced products is their vegan pizza, available in various options. The tasty pizza includes plant-based salami, mushrooms, and spinach. Alternatively, you can go for the basil and kale pizza. If you wish to extend your menu to things other than pizza, the broccoli and cauliflower bites will be a good pick. With being affordable and easy to prepare, Lidl’s vegan choices are expected to gain immense popularity.

However, these aren’t the only options featured by the famous German chain. Vegans can get the products from Vermondo, a brand that produces frozen food products. This brand already sells schnitzels, vegan chicken burgers, and fish fingers.

Their assortment of ready meals will expand with a couple of vegan options, such as red lentil curry and bulgar mix. Also, they have a veganized choice of chili con carne, which is called chili sin carne. In addition, expect to see new vegan tortillas and vegan sausages.

Aldi follows up with vegan treats

While Aldi already introduced vegan options for Christmas, they will expand the choices in the new year. If you crave something sweet, you can choose between their Banana Blondies and Chocolate Orange Brownies.


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