Volkswagen Group is one step closer to acquiring Europcar

NS Volkswagen After the French financial regulator approved the takeover offer, the group took a step closer to the acquisition of French car rental company Europcar.

NS German car giant In July, we partnered with UK-based asset management company Attestor Limited and Dutch car conglomerate Pon Holdings to offer € 2.9 billion (£ 2.4 billion) for 50 cents per share.

“The consortium believes that this trend requires providers to operate an integrated platform and provide one fleet for everything to maximize vehicle utilization and platform quality,” he said. increase. Volkswagen With that offer statement.

“Furthermore, the proposal for urban mobility based on autonomous driving technologies such as robot cabs will further accelerate the growth of on-demand mobility solutions.”

Attestor seems to be set to acquire a 27% stake in Europcar, while Pon dominates 7%.

French financial regulator Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) announces when the stock bidding process will begin.

This move is an important step in Volkswagen’s planned move to provide more advanced mobility solutions.

Herbert Diess, Volkswagen Group CEO, told Reuters earlier this year.

“Europcar offers an extensive network of stations at major airports, train stations and city locations, in addition to advanced fleet management capabilities, to help accelerate the delivery of Volkswagen’s ambitious mobility service targets. ”

The Volkswagen Group, which previously owned the entire Europcar in the 1990s, sold it to investment firm Eurazeo in 2006 for € 1.26 billion (£ 1 billion).

Europcar operates in Europe, West Asia, North America and Africa, operates in 140 countries around the world and owns more than 350,000 vehicles.

Volkswagen Group is one step closer to acquiring Europcar

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