Walpole names the top 50 “most influential” British luxury goods

Walpole, an industry group in the UK luxury sector, has released the 2022 Power List, which features the “most influential” people in the UK luxury industry. success”.

The list was unveiled in Corinthia London on January 11th and is 50 in 10 categories: Taste Maker, Master Storyteller, Creative, Rainmaker, Connector, Pioneer, Future Proof, Custodian, Bright Spark and Innovator. The winners were commended.

The annual list created from Walpole’s member brands includes several fashion and beauty products, including Chanel’s Yana Peel, Alexander McQueen’s Paolo Sigonini, Harrods’ Beauty Director, Analyze Fard, Designer Anna Mason, and Mulberry’s Rosie Wolacot Phillips. Contains the name of.

Recognized as the “center of luxury” as the “master storyteller” were Alexander McQueen’s Chief Marketing Officer Paolo Sigonini and Chanel’s Global Head of Arts and Culture, Yana Peel. The world is a little different. “

Listed as “connectors” in “Networking Geniuses for Creative Collaboration” are Colleen Kathryn, Chief Executive of Diamond Jewelery Brand Jessica McCormack, and Sean, Director of Fortnum & Mason’s British Retail Store. It was a jewelery.

Walpole2022 Luxury fashion and beauty names on the power list

Noble Isle founders Katy Simpson, Pepa Gonzalez and Mike Hoare are co-founders of luxury children’s brand Pepa & Co, and luxury women’s clothing designer Anna Mason says, “We have a great network that others want. Recognized as a “taste master” as an “influencer”. Advice and inspiration. “

Mason commented on this honor, stating in a statement: This is a confirmation of what I’m trying to do every day as the founder and creative director of Anna Mason London.

“At Walpole, my luxury women’s clothing business is empowering the community and I’m pleased to have the opportunity to represent the British fashion industry through this platform. Literally” power “. Is to act in a specific way to guide and influence others. It’s a concept I keep as the voice of British luxury. “

Walpole announces 50 of Britain’s most influential luxury goods

Sunspel CEO Nicholas Brooke has been named a “Rainmaker” along with Harrods Cosmetology, Home, Luxury Jewelery and Watch Director Analyze Fard. “.

Fine Jeweler Annabella Chan and John Graham Chief Executive of British fragrance house Miller Harris are recognized as “pioneers” as “pioneers of new business ideas” and director of strategy and business development for the Bicester Village Shopping Collection, Sylvie Freund. Picavance has been nominated. One of the “innovators” to “inspire innovation in products, services, or management over the past year.”

Awarded for “Future-Looking Business with Sustainable Initiatives” were Rosie Wolacot Phillips, Group Sustainability Manager at Mulberry, Ankita Patel, Corporate Responsibility Manager at Harrods, and Sue, President of The Estée Laud in the United Kingdom and Ireland. This is Fox.

Margaret A. MacLeod, Sales Director of Harris Tweed Hebrides, was listed as a “custodian” to defend the UK product, alongside CEO of Hamilton & Inch Victoria Houghton.

Walpole belongs to the “Bright Sparks” category of “Promoting Business around Creativity and Strategic Thinking”, Natalie Schober, Strategic Director of Penhaligon, Melissa Bissett Marketing Director of Johnstons of Elgin, and Brand Marketing Head of Luxury. Awarded Jema Avedian. Goods company Smithson.

Helen Brocklebank, Walpole’s Chief Executive Officer, said: Applying their creativity, ingenuity, entrepreneurship, and pure porting, the sector will be better, more beautiful, more resilient, and even more attractive to wealthy and discerning customers. “

Walpole names the top 50 “most influential” British luxury goods

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