Warning about direct debit fraud as Gran (92) deceived by fraudsters from £ 10,000

Fraudsters are taking advantage of the fear of people getting out of their pockets due to a washing machine or dishwasher failure and forcing them to sign a direct debit that lasts unnecessarily for years.

A 92 year old female (no photo) was scammed from £ 10,000 (stock image)

Ruthless cold callers are fleeing thousands of pounds from the country’s most vulnerable people by beating the covers of household appliances they don’t need.

con man Taking advantage of people’s fears that a washing machine or dishwasher failure will take them out of their pockets and drive them to a signature. Account withdrawal It lasts unnecessarily for years.

Which is the consumer watchdog?Revealed ruthless practices after investigation revealed that a quarter of the British received Prank call About electrical appliances insurance and extended warranty.

It received reports of a serious lie by a cold caller telling the head of household that their policy had expired when nothing was taken out.

Which one? “Callers usually have access to personal information that makes the target believe that the call is genuine.

You should always be careful about nuisance calls


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“The big problem in the fight against cold calls is that telemarketing companies are free to sell sensitive data and the companies that buy it are abusing it.”

According to the survey, shameless sellers are pressing victims to agree to a direct withdrawal of £ 10 to £ 20 a month, hoping that the amount will not be overlooked.

A 92-year-old grandmother was fooled from £ 10,000 in two years by a cold caller who targeted her and provided a failure cover for a washing machine, boiler, and dishwasher she didn’t have.

Despite having a call blocking service with her phone provider, pensioners still suffer from a malicious company that told her that she needed to update various policies she didn’t have. It was done.

She believed in their lies and repeatedly passed on bank details to about 25 dangerous companies that served from blocked drainage pipe covers to broken appliances. clearly.

Have you been the victim of fraud? Please let us know:

The consumer champion has compiled the documents of the company at the heart of the fraud and handed it over to the National Trading Standards under investigation.

And it helped the torn grandma get most of her money back from the bank because she was fooled into setting a direct debit.

Which one? “If debit is set directly without your permission, or if you are fooled, you have the right to claim all money from your bank.

“Who did most of the people who reported this? Refunded, but it can be time consuming and annoying.”

Watchdog urged British people not to buy insurance from cold callers, adding that if they were targeted, they should ask for the company’s name and report the problem to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

Both ICOs and trading standards are working to crack down on poor-selling phones, which one? Landline providers also want to help protect the public by blocking unwanted callers as part of their day-to-day service.

Gareth Show, which one? The person responsible for the money said: “Our research reveals how malicious corporate networks target vulnerable people.

“If you or someone you know is coldly called about the appliance cover, ask the company name and report it to the ICO. If you are flooded with cold calls, call blocking services on your phone network. Please check if is provided.

“We also want to provide our customers more clearly about the call blocking services offered by landline providers, and we also require providers to include existing free protection in their landline packages by default. I am.

“Consumers do not need to opt in to protect against unwanted cold calls.”

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Warning about direct debit fraud as Gran (92) deceived by fraudsters from £ 10,000

Source link Warning about direct debit fraud as Gran (92) deceived by fraudsters from £ 10,000

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