Watching GP is delayed by a quarter due to “embarrassment”

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According to a survey, more than a quarter (26%) of British people, or nearly 14 million, are delaying their doctor’s visit because they seem embarrassed.
A poll of 2,250 people by health firm Essity also found that more than one-fifth (21%) of those who were late were later diagnosed with health. The average delay in access to medical support was 27 days, but one in ten (12%) delayed seeing a doctor for more than two years, he added. Embarrassment about bladder and bowel problems is one of the most common reasons to postpone a doctor’s visit, with 42% of those surveyed visiting their GP to discuss concerns related to these areas. I admit that there is nothing. This was despite the NHS’s estimate that 3 to 6 million people in the UK live with some form of incontinence-related problem. Worryingly, the study concluded that people often showed self-diagnosis or Google symptoms instead of receiving expert medical advice. Almost half (45%) of those surveyed said they “often” self-diagnosed whether their symptoms were serious, based on online advice (for example, NHS websites and sites such as WedMD). Almost half (49%) of people who have used the online platform chose not to talk to their GP after investigating their symptoms online. Jane Mayes, a clinical consultant at Essity, said: “Similarly, an increasing number of people, especially young people, are deciding whether to talk to their GP based on the information they find online,” she added.

Watching GP is delayed by a quarter due to “embarrassment”

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