Wayne Rooney’s Manchester United made a U-turn-and Harry Kane was able to follow after offending his teammates

Gary Neville and Paul Scholes have admitted that they were angry with Wayne Rooney for leaving Manchester United in 2010, but Harry Kane’s Tottenham teammates are angry with him. mosquito?

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Nuno gives Kane support at the beginning of a new season of stuttering

It’s not a secret Harry Kane wanted to leave Tottenham for Manchester city During the summer, I decided to stay in North London just a few days before the transfer deadline.

And this is not the first time England has made a U-turn. In October 2010, Wayne Rooney signed a new contract at Manchester United Only a few days after submitting a transfer request.

Legendary United boss after receiving player request Sir Alex Ferguson He told the media: “We are all as confused as we can. I can’t fully understand why he wants to leave.

“I was stunned, just a few months before he said he was in the greatest club in the world.”

Looney At the age of 24, he was younger than Kane today and was recently named PFA Players’ Player of the Year. He was the best player in the country.

Wayne Rooney wanted to leave Manchester United in October 2010

But United was the best team.Nevertheless Chelsea Reigned Premier League Carlo Ancelotti’s champion Ferguson’s side was in the midst of the Golden Age.

Red Devils recently won the Premier League three times in a row, participated in the Champions League finals in a row, and won their first victory in 2008.

They won the Premier League again in 2010-11 and 2012-13, and will compete in another European final in 2011.Only Pep Guardiola Barcelona It was more successful at the time.

Rumor has it that Carlos Tevez completed a similar transfer 15 months ago, following the transfer of title rival Chelsea or Sheikh Manchester to Manchester.

United eventually managed to retain their star player, and he stayed in the club for nearly seven more years.

Rooney told the media: “I talked to the manager and the owner, and they were convinced I was here.”

Ferguson added that the whole saga seems to be plagued. “I think Wayne now understands what a great Manchester United club is.”

But Ferguson’s work didn’t end there. After persuading Rooney to stay, United’s manager had to ask the team to forgive him for wanting to abandon his teammates.

Harry Kane was not allowed to leave Tottenham during the summer

Rooney’s former United colleague Paul Scholes recently said Overlap Podcast: “I don’t remember that statement, but I definitely remember it coming out-it wasn’t good.”

“We weren’t happy. It wasn’t the fact that he wanted to leave, it was an official statement,” added Gary Neville, another of Looney’s former teammates.

Looney managed to rebuild his credibility with his United allies-but perhaps Kane doesn’t have to do the same. Ben Davis, who spoke in August, claimed that the team had a good relationship with Kane.

NS Tottenham The defender said: “He is one of the best strikers in the world and we definitely want him to be part of the team … yeah [we’ve kept in touch], Above all as a companion. “

Do you think Tottenham players forgave Harry Kane wanting to leave? Please let us know in the comments below

After all, it’s easy to understand why Kane wanted to play in Citi: Champions League football and the opportunity to win the first major honor of his career. Meanwhile, Looney had already had all the successes he could dream of at United.

The story of England’s skipper’s recent transfer is compared to that of Rooney, but they are very different, except that both players are at their peak of power.

People like Neville and Scholes had all the reasons to get angry, frustrated and frustrated with Rooney. Kane’s teammates don’t.

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Wayne Rooney's Manchester United made a U-turn-and Harry Kane was able to follow after offending his teammates

Source link Wayne Rooney's Manchester United made a U-turn-and Harry Kane was able to follow after offending his teammates

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