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Wayne Rooney’s mother is fighting to save her former school from closure

Wayne Rooney’s mother says closing the door to the school where her children studied is “tragic.”

The De La Salle Academy, Croxteth’s Catholic school, was issued a termination warning after undergoing two consecutive inappropriate Ofsted tests.

The threat of closure puts Janet Rooney, 54, who works as a supper woman at school, at risk of losing her job.

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Janet said Mirror Online Closing the school will have a devastating effect on parents and children in the Croxteth area.

She states: “I have been here for nearly 25 years. One of the women I work with has been here for a year longer than I am. We are here because we love this school. Boys Just great. They are very polite and polite. I loved to serve them dinner and see them grow – many of them are doing really well for themselves ..

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“It’s very sad that the school is closed. This community needs this school. It’s been a big part of so much life. It would be tragic if they removed it. Probably. “Janet said all three sons enjoyed the time there and it worked. “

Wayne talked about the risk of her mother losing her job, saying, “My mother doesn’t know if she will work at the end of this.”

Janet is determined to fight for the institution she says has been the “most” of the lives of countless people over the years.

In addition to Wayne, the school counts actor David Morrissey among the more famous ex-students.

Following the termination warning, the school boss replied to the local school committee, explaining why it had a future. A petition has been submitted to against the possibility of closure.

Anthony Ravel, a local council chairman of the Academy’s governor, said: It made us more determined to save the school.

“Schools have been at the heart of our community for nearly 100 years and we will fight to ensure that it stays that way. Students at risk of education, jobs at risk There needs to be certainty in the staff who are doing it, and in the communities at risk of losing an integral and valuable part of the community. “

Wayne Rooney's mother is fighting to save her former school from closure

Source link Wayne Rooney's mother is fighting to save her former school from closure

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