We live in one of the tallest homes in the UK – there is no other way

A family living in one of Britain’s tallest homes says there’s no other way around it.

Ayla Morris, 49, farmer In 2002, she and her late husband Geraint climbed one of Wales’ most famous mountains, Yar Widfa.


Eila Morris, 49, lives with her family in one of Britain’s tallest homesCredit: WNS
They live on a site over 3000 feet above sea level in Wales' famous mountains


They live on a site over 3000 feet above sea level in Wales’ famous mountainsCredit: WNS

Perched almost halfway up a 3,569-foot peak, the house where she lives with three of her four children is right in the heart of the national park.

they are alive off grid And power all electrical appliances with a generator.

City Council employee Ayla said: wales online: “I met Geraint while working for his father.

“He has a catering van near Yr Wyddfa that sells ice cream and that’s how I met him.

“Nobody lived in this house and it was vacant for 50 years before we decided to take over it. return little by little over the years.

“I was never interested in the idea of ​​moving to a place like this. I always liked the idea of ​​living in a place like this. detached house And I live in a very unique place. No place quite like this one.

“We moved here in 2002 and have lived here ever since.”

Unfortunately, Mr. Geraint passed away. leukemia In 2012, at just 40, Eira said the house “meaned the world to him.”

The family has lived there for over 20 years, but only the eldest son has moved.

Ayla added: “A lot has changed in the last few years. The surrounding area has become much busier.

“Until a few years ago, they would come here summer But now they come here in summer and winter. People love to see this place when it snows.

“Sometimes, in the middle of the night or early in the morning, I hear these sounds. dog Barking lets you know someone is there. Sometimes I have to help them. ”

She explains that she is happy to help lost tourists, but gets annoyed when people drive up to her house, thinking they are on the way up a mountain, even though there are signs on the road. I also admitted that

Ayla’s only flaw is weather As the situation worsened, the water froze and roads to shops were sometimes cut off, and the family had to temporarily live with their parents on several occasions.

But things have changed for the better since Openreach announced last year that it began working on expansion. broadband to the region.

“We could have done it until last year,” Eira said. broadband Stick your phone out the window and this will carry your phone. broadband to your laptop.

“If someone tried to call us, we had to be by the window and stay there the whole time.

“If it was foggy, we wouldn’t have the best signal. But now, broadband makes our life a lot easier.

“The most exciting prospect for our family was to try the following.” Netflix. Now you can make calls over Wi-Fi and you can make calls from anywhere in your home. ”


family has lived there for over 20 yearsCredit: WNS

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