We need help now, says unpaid caregivers

Warns Carers UK as new numbers reveal the devastating effects of Covid-19 that millions of unpaid caregivers may be pushed to the limit and forced to quit their jobs increase.

The findings of the Charity State of Caring report reveal many of the services that unpaid caregivers rely on to help reduce or close their loved ones.

More than half (55%) of unpaid caregivers who use critical day services have reduced or no access at all, and only 13% are confident that they will receive the support they need next year.

Six out of ten said they were concerned about service declines, and nearly half (47%) were worried about losing access to services in any sector due to financial constraints. Said.

One in five workers have to reduce their working hours or give up their jobs altogether if they don’t have affordable and accessible care to help them work where they need it. He said there was a risk.

Carers UK’s Helen Walker, Chief Executive Officer, said: Caregivers may face a difficult future as funding for additional social care does not begin this winter.

“If we continue this way, they will be out of control and the social care systems they support will collapse without the care they provide.

“Comprehensive Spending Review needs to be aware of this and invest in unpaid caregivers, or risk getting hooked on a new social care crisis. The Prime Minister is now right for social care. Funding the caregiver has the power to significantly improve the lives of caregivers. “

Charities estimate that the height of the pandemic has increased the number of unpaid caregivers by 4.5m to 13.6m. Also, during the pandemic, unpaid caregivers saved £ 193bn annually in the UK economy.

Dorothy Cook, who takes care of her husband Melvin, who has an advanced brain disorder, is greatly affected by the reduction in social care. She states: “I’m afraid of the future and I don’t know what will happen in 12 months.

“We’ve been together for 47 years and his illness is progressing. It’s painful to see a loved one get worse, but without enough help to actually take care of him. Is getting worse. Unpaid caregivers are exhausted and kneeling and need help. “

Charities are looking for:

  • Immediate increase in funding for social care to ensure that services can be managed during the winter.
  • Funding will increase over the next three years before being funded by Health and Care Levy.
  • At a minimum of £ 1.5 billion for caregiver breaks to support social care and an emergency investment over the next three years. This is essential for those who manage their work and care to continue working.
  • Helpline 08088087777.

We need help now, says unpaid caregivers

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