Weight Loss: Can Lumen’s “Metabolism Leaders” Help You Easier to Weight Loss?How to use

Lumen metabolism measuring device and app

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What is a luminal metabolism meter? What is your metabolism?

Lumen Is the world’s first handheld portable device that accurately measures metabolism.

It provides your daily personalized nutrition and dietary plans, as well as other insights and advice. sleepThrough, workouts, meal timing, and connected apps.

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Simply put, your metabolism is the process by which your body converts the calories you ingest into energy.

Most often associated with a particular rate, it is often referred to as fast, high, slow, or low metabolism.

Many factors, such as age, height, weight, and body composition, affect low and high metabolic rates.

How do Lumen devices work?

Lumen It’s a sleek tube-shaped drinking detector-and all you have to do is breathe into it and the device does the rest.

It is designed to improve the flexibility of your metabolism, which is your body’s ability to exchange carbohydrates and fats and use the right energy sources at the most effective times.

You will be asked to breathe into the tube several times a day so that different samples of different times are available.

The device collects breaths and sends the data to the app. The app uses breathing measurements and several algorithms to tell you if you are using fat or carbohydrates for your energy.

This device works by detecting the level of carbon dioxide (CO2) that you are breathing. Exhaling high levels of CO2 means you’re burning carbs, while low levels mean you’re burning fat instead.

It is identified using five numerical spectra. The number 1 means you are burning fat, 2 is mainly fat, 3 is a mixture of 2 major nutrients, 4 is mainly carbohydrates and 5 is carbohydrates.

Lumen says that for optimal health, you need to measure 1 or 2 when you wake up. This means that your body is good at burning carbs overnight during sleep and has begun to burn fat stores.

For postprandial measurements, you would ideally want to see 4 or 5. This indicates that your body is running out of the carbohydrates you just ate.

After 2 weeks of use, lumens show a flex score of 1-21 depending on metabolic flexibility. 1 is the lowest. The higher the number, the better, and your goal is to improve the number over the course of the week, and you follow the advice given.

The diet plan aims to improve this score.

Ultimately, the higher your score, the better your body and health in using the right energy sources.

What time of the day should I use lumens?

Is recommended to use Lumen The best device in the morning. Based on what your reading is, the app will advise you on how much carbs, protein, and fat you should eat that day.

You will also be asked to enter the amount of exercise you will be doing each day. So it’s important to be honest about this, as this will affect the recommendations you have been given!

Over time, the recommendations will also be influenced by the data you provided the day before.

It is also advisable to use the device again after eating a meal. This will give you an idea of ​​how effectively your body is using the carbohydrates you have just ingested.

Can Lumen Devices Help You Lose Weight?

Yes, if you pay attention to it-if used correctly, Lumen The device can help your weight loss goal.

As in most cases Fitness Aide, it’s a matter of consistency and accountability. The device itself encourages you to make food choices that allow your body to deprive those inaccessible fat stores of energy, and a healthier diet with less carbs and less fat. I advise you to eat. However, there is a minor issue with following device recommendations. it’s up to you.

When you first get your device and download the app, you will be asked to select the purpose for which you want to use the gadget and be able to determine your goals.

You can choose from metabolic health, which is to improve your general health and metabolic flexibility, and nutrition-based fitness performance to improve your exercise and healthy weight loss.

How much does a lumen device cost?

You can buy you Lumen As part of one of a variety of packages, including access to integrated apps for different time periods.

Today, all of these packages are available at the best possible price. Sale On, that is, you can expect to pay £ 249 for the device and 6-month tracking (using the app), £ 299 for the 12-month truck, and £ 499 for the premium 12-month truck.

Conveniently, Lumen also offers a money-back guarantee. Therefore, if you are not 100% satisfied after using it for 30 days, you can return the lumen and get a full refund. I have no questions. You can try it without taking any risks.

When the paid month expires, the cost of using the app will be £ 25 per month. If you want to continue using your device, you will need to continue paying for the app.

What else helps me get healthy?

There are many ways you can help improve your general health and fitness.



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Weight Loss: Can Lumen’s “Metabolism Leaders” Help You Easier to Weight Loss?How to use

Source link Weight Loss: Can Lumen’s “Metabolism Leaders” Help You Easier to Weight Loss?How to use

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