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Welsh fans turn their garage into a spectacular football bar after missing a euro trip

Tens of thousands of Wales football fans throughout Wales mourn the fact that they will support Gareth Bale and his teammates at home during the 2020 Euro period.

It’s a completely different story from the Euro 2016 exploit, which made France its second home when Wales fans roared Wales to reach the semifinals.

One such fan cheering on the Welsh side from home this summer Porce, And he built a dream football den to spot him.

With both hands he can count the number of Welsh football games he has missed since becoming a supporter in 1983.

He was angry with the news that Wales’ second major tournament, the European Championship, which had been qualified since the 1960s, was postponed for a year due to a coronavirus pandemic. ..

There, Steve spent the time, effort, and energy he would have spent securing flights and accommodation for international travel, turning his garage into the ultimate Welsh football den.

“The blockage played a little role in it, there was nowhere to go, and all flights were cancelled,” he explains.

“We headed together and wondered,’What are we doing?’ Booking a pub and finding space for a place seems a bit of a headache.

“So we thought we would remodel our Euroden, where we could enjoy the game, have a drink, and cheer Wales for victory.”

A paradise for Welsh fans

Steve’s pride and joy

Sales engineer Steve, 50, has transformed the garage into a Welsh football paradise for the past two weeks. He is full of souvenirs he has collected over the years. It is also adorned with flags, shirts, photographs, cushions and murals from local graffiti artist Tee2Sugars. It is called “Wardybros Bar”.

“It was a good escape for us. We boarded it all, made a bar and started filling it with everything I had collected over the years.

“There are various autographs from the 1950s to the present day. I have one of my favorites: Ivor Allchurch, John Charles, Gary Speed, modern Dave Brooks, Joe Rodon. Signed. Players, managers, teams. Shirt. There is a good combination. “

He is not the only one who is happy with the results of their new home project as a punch. My wife Debra and my sons Stephen and Squirrel are also looking forward to using it.

Steve will be on a road trip around Wales a few days after the opening round of Euro 2020 between Wales and Switzerland on Saturday, June 12th. And Swan Sea.

“Debra also likes soccer. She looks forward to bringing us boys and will have friends.

“That was good. I was only 50 years old in April and was invited to sing a Welsh football song. There was a bit of accumulation!”

Traveling to become part of Redwall for this year’s postponed tournament wasn’t a viable option as much as he wanted.

“What puts us off is the isolation when you get home. [travelling to watch Wales].. Not everyone can take a month’s vacation there, not just that time from their boss.

“You have to be wise. Hope you have another chance to catch some away games this year.”

Steve’s Wardybros Bar

Steve is optimistic about Wales’ chances to advance to the knockout stage of tournaments with Turkey, Italy and Switzerland.

“We have world-class players and fearless young people. I think our day can offer games to everyone and give them a surprise again. That’s all.”

Welsh fans turn their garage into a spectacular football bar after missing a euro trip

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