Westlife’s Shane Filan recalls the tragic words of his deceased father after his wife’s death

Shane Filan I remembered the sad words his late father said to him. Westlife Album Wild Dreams.

42 years old Lost mother Mei in December 2019 And just 10 months later, his Dad and his “best friend” Peter have passed away.

An Irish singer who fell into sadness during a coronavirus pandemic poured it all into his music, with bandmates Nicky Byrne (43), Markus Feehily (41), Kian Egan, 41, they created their album – it will be released on November 26th.

“It was all done through the internet, zoom calls, and going to each other’s home. It was a great process. It sounds different, so I’m really looking forward to hearing it,” Shane said. Explained in exclusive chat all right! online.

Westlife releases new album Wild Dreams

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He continued on how his experience influenced the song. “It was a very difficult year for me. Of course, for everyone, but for me, I lost my mother and father last half as well. In that sense, it’s a very difficult year.”

Shane, whose new song “Starlight” with Westlife will be released today on October 14th, continues: It’s a song from the album, it’s a sad ballad.

“It’s a really real story about what my dad told me.

Shane Filan's mother May died on Sunday, December 15th
Shane lost both his mother May and his dad Peter in the last six months

“My dad had a broken heart for nine months without my mother because my mother died first, and I’ve been with him for 55 years, so it was a painful time for him.

“At one point he said to me,’They say that time heals a broken heart,’ you know it’s a famous saying, but he goes,’I I don’t think so, I don’t know about it, Shane.

“And I was like,’Oh, that’s what,’ so this was his way of saying,’My heart is broken,’ but he didn’t say that. My dad didn’t say that. I didn’t say that, but that was his way of saying it.

Shane Filan said "The saddest ballad" About what his father told him
Shane Filan said the “sadest ballad” was about what his father told him

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Shane explained that most of the albums are happy and positive because he wanted to be able to cheer up the masses after the “wild” time they experienced during the pandemic.

The hit maker shared with his family how to play the guitar during the blockage after his wife Gillian offered to arrange a zoom session.

He states: “On one of the many date nights at home, drinking a glass of wine at home was a funny idea.” I’m not good at it-at least you tried. “

Shane said he learned how to play the guitar
Shane said he learned how to play the guitar

“Thankfully, I tried it. Within a few months I played the guitar and played chords here and there.”

Shane added: “Then I might be able to write some songs here. That’s what I always wanted to do and we started it.”

Wild Dreams, released on November 26th, is now available for pre-order. www.westlife.com

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Westlife's Shane Filan recalls the tragic words of his deceased father after his wife's death

Source link Westlife's Shane Filan recalls the tragic words of his deceased father after his wife's death

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