What is wisdom?World’s Largest Mentorship Platform Announced at Business Cloud in the UK


A “social audio” app built to democratize mentorship has been launched in the UK.

Founded by Dayo Akinrinade, Wisdom is described as a comprehensive space where diverse people get together and have important conversations.

The platform is currently in operation in the United States, Australia and Canada.

Drop-in social audio has the potential to transform social networking by bringing interactions and conversations back to their roots. This is the exact opposite of the highly filtered nature of today’s visual-driven apps.

However, unlike social audio applications such as Clubhouse, Wisdom is designed from the ground up to facilitate important conversations, or substantive conversations on important topics.

Members can live chat with experts on dozens of topics, from parenting, fitness, dating to startups, mental health and beauty. They can listen live and play recordings at their own time.

When the mentor starts talking, others can line up and ask questions. As the timer keeps the conversation running, no one can monopolize the conversation and ensure that all voices are heard.

“I founded Wisdom to democratize access to mentorship. Diverse individuals in underrepresented groups do not have access to mentoring while at OneTech, London’s largest variety of startup programs. I noticed, “said Akinrinade.

“I also personally experienced how impossible it is to use a platform like LinkedIn for mentoring. Expert inboxes are flooded with” headache “requests. However, it is ignored unless it is due to a warm introduction that is itself a crystal of systematic inequality. “

Connecting with others in a meaningful way has proven to make people happy, and deep conversations with strangers are more fun than small stories.

Wisdom aims to foster this, with thousands of people already registered as mentors, making it the largest mentorship platform in the world. These professionals can use Wisdom to share knowledge, interact directly with viewers, and give back while on the ground floor of the next big social audio community.

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Inspired by Tiktok, Wisdom utilizes deep learning neural networks trained to provide listeners with the most important conversations from the moment they open the app.

These algorithms continuously collect data such as how users interact and react to conversations, and audio and text transformer models extract topics and emotions being discussed. The more members interact using Wisdom, the better the recommendations will be coordinated.

Anyone who talks about Wisdom can earn Mentorcoin, the creator’s own cryptocurrency. It can be redeemed for gift cards available on Amazon, Starbucks, etc., or donated to charity.

As part of its mission to democratize mentorship, members are free and Wisdom also empowers mentors through monetization tools to help them grow their business. Monetization capabilities will be added to Wisdom later this year.

Akinrinade said: With wisdom, we are building something very different.

“Ultimately, what we’re building at Wisdom is a new social graph, the mentor graph. It’s not anyone’s annoying” talk graph “on any topic, it’s a leap forward in your career. It’s a social graph of people who can help you or change your life for the better.

“People today are hungry for important conversations. We believe that wisdom is the platform on which these conversations can live.”

The Wisdom app is now available for download on the iPhone, followed by Android.

What is wisdom?World’s Largest Mentorship Platform Announced at Business Cloud in the UK

Source link What is wisdom?World’s Largest Mentorship Platform Announced at Business Cloud in the UK

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