What Rangers experts said when Derek McInnes ruled “undercooked” after the Champions League shock

It was a game Rangers Fans don’t demand a quick re-watch, but a 2-1 defeat could be one of their most important consequences of the season.

Stephen Davis’s last strike reduced Marumo’s advantage to 2-1 Steven Gerrard And his players Champions League Third round qualifying encounter.

The Rangers puffed in the first half before the shock doubles from Veliko Birmanchevic and Solon Leaks had the Ibrox side on the rope.

But their brave amulets have stepped up, and his distracted efforts in the dying seconds give them a new belief ahead of the second leg of next week.

But what went wrong?

Let’s see what the experts had to say.

Derek Makines

“The Rangers have stepped into the match a bit. Some players like Barisic and Helander have left the euro for a long break, not much involved in the pre-season match.

“” Lundstram Not too many minutes in the preseason, not too many minutes in Arfield, that would have been a clear concern for Steven Gerrard.

“This is a game of that size and probably the most important game to join a group in the Rangers season.

“There may be a reason for it to be below par performance, but it’s far better than it is for teams to outperform individuals.

“I see an improvement in the second leg.”

Alan Hutton

“All fans will see the pictures of Moreros and wonder what’s going on.

“He appears in a big moment for the Rangers and scores big goals. They will be looking for him, they will need him for a big night in Europe.

“The big question is how healthy he is. He’s been absent for a couple of weeks, is he in good shape?

“Can he give you 60/70 minutes with a European tie? We have to wait and see.

“I think Marumo is playing at its best. The Rangers aren’t playing near the best. I think they can do better.

“As I said before, they have ownership and prefer to get things done. Their delivery wasn’t right, so the Rangers can only play better.

“It’s a scary idea because they improve, I’m sure it.”

Richard Forster

“Steven Gerrard isn’t happy with the performance, but he’s happy with the result. It saw the point as Thailand surpassed them,

“I think the Rangers are bigger, but then they’re open to the counter. Marumo is really confident in how they play. They don’t panic and everything is guaranteed.”

Chris Burke

“You see it in Marumo’s body language. It’s a deadly blow. The Rangers will be pleased with it. I’m now fantasizing about their chances, especially with fans back in Ibrox. . “

What Rangers experts said when Derek McInnes ruled "undercooked" after the Champions League shock

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