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What time is Boris Johnson’s announcement today?When to watch Covid updates live when UK schools reopen

Boris Johnson will Delivering the latest government press conference About the UK’s response to COVID-19 Pandemic today.

Prime Minister addresses the country on The day when British school children return to face-to-face education,along with Other changes to coronavirus restriction..

However Provisional first step of Roadmap from blockade Crashed into the news agenda Following the bomb comment From the Duchess of Sussex Broadcast overnight in the United States..

When Harry and Megan Oprah Interview Set to Broadcast in the UK on Monday night, Johnson may face questions about revelation-here’s a way to see his announcement live.

What time is Boris Johnson’s announcement today?

The· The Prime Minister will start the next press conference Monday, March 8th, 4pm, a little earlier than the regular 5pm slot.

He will be joined by Dr. Jenny Harries, Deputy Chief Medical Officer of the United Kingdom in Downing Street.

You can watch the action live on the stream on this page, or on BBC News and Sky News. BBC News can be viewed online. BBC iPlayer, And through it Sky News YouTube channel..

Last week there were two government covid briefings on Monday and Friday. Both were delivered by Matt Hancock, but Rishi Sunak also showed an unprecedented appearance. on Wednesday Discuss him 2021 budget..

The Prime Minister and the Minister of Health, along with Home Secretary Priti Patel, have been the leaders of the most regular briefings since returning home.

New test rules have been introduced to reopen UK schools for all students (Photo: AFP / Getty Images)

What can you expect from the Boris Johnson update?

Johnson is talking that day Children all over the UK return to school after two months of lessons from home Blockade. All students in groups of all years can resume outdoor after-school sports and activities and return to the classroom.

As part of a series of new Covid restrictions, junior high school students are required to perform regular asymptomatic tests to identify potential coronavirus outbreaks early.

Children’s Minister Vicky Ford said When students get positive results with rapid lateral flow The test asks you to do a follow-up PCR (polymerase chain reaction) swab on your nose and throat. This is evaluated in the lab and is more accurate.

However, even if the PCR test returns negative, students are expected to perform a complete self-isolation period and not return to school.

Elementary school students do not need to take a Covid test or wear a face mask when returning to Japan.

A few Other rules have changed this week as well. People can hold one-on-one meetings outdoors in public places such as coffee and picnics at a social distance from others, but care homes currently have one resident. Nominated visitors are allowed.

However, the development of the coronavirus received less coverage than it might have been due to the failure of an interview with the Duke of Sussex and the Duchess of Opla.

The Duchess and Duchess attacked the facility and members of the royal family with a series of amazing admissions during their candid appearance.

When asked by Mr. Winfrey whether he was thinking of self-harm and suicidal ideation at some stage, the Duchess replied: This was very clear. It’s very clear and very scary. I didn’t know who to rely on. “

The couple is also an unnamed member of the royal family (But not the Queen or Prince PhillipI was worried about how dark my skin color was before my son Archie was born.

Additional report from Press Association

What time is Boris Johnson’s announcement today?When to watch Covid updates live when UK schools reopen

Source link What time is Boris Johnson’s announcement today?When to watch Covid updates live when UK schools reopen

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