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What time is Mark Drakeford’s announcement today?When to see the next Welsh Covid update with blockade relaxation

So Vaccine efforts continues, much of the UK is looking forward to a little closer to normal life.

Boris Johnson and Nicola Sturgeon We have already stated that regulations will be relaxed in the UK and Scotland.

But when will the Welsh plan be outlined? Here’s everything you need to know.

When is the announcement?

Prime Minister Mark Drakeford will confirm the plan with the Cabinet this morning and will issue a statement to the Welsh Parliament around 3 pm.

He then addresses the Welsh people at a press conference at 5:15 pm.

What is he expected to say?

The UK plans to lift almost all restrictions on Monday, July 19th, While Scotland plans to lift more limited restrictions on July 19th Moved from almost all curbs on August 9th.

However, Drakeford is expected to announce that future relaxation of some rules will be slower than in England, and Wales will maintain legislation requiring face masks in some situations.

He said yesterday that there would be no “wholesale” relaxation of restrictions on certain days.

The Welsh government has already outlined its intention to continue mandating the use of masks in public places.

Drakeford said: “We need everyone’s help to stay in control of the coronavirus to stay on the pandemic. The virus is definitely not gone.

“We know how many people are worried or worried about going out. We have specific locations (public transport, health and social care settings,) to keep us all safe. And maintain the requirement to wear a face cover elsewhere) if necessary. “

The Prime Minister is expected to see if Wales can move to “Alert Level 1”.

The next step in the process of easing the Welsh blockade restrictions, scheduled for June 21, was delayed by about four weeks as the Delta variant spread.

Mr Drakeford wrote in a Twitter thread June 15: “In space [of] In a few weeks, cases were confirmed all over the country. We will review all evidence and suspend rule changes for 4 weeks. “

He is also expected to outline what the next stage of “alert level zero” will be through the coronavirus control program.

What does Drakeford say about the relaxation of the rules?

The country’s incidence is currently 147 cases per 100,000 Covid-19, the lowest in the UK and one of the highest immunization rates in the world.

In a speech in The Senedd on Tuesday, Drakeford said the vaccine was “changing the relationship” between people who became ill with Covid-19 and needed hospital treatment.

“That’s why we can still consider further relaxation of the current restrictions,” Drakeford told members.

“But none of us should ignore the risks posed when many people in the community get sick every day.

“It increases the risk of new variants emerging, increasing the risk of people’s immunity weakening, increasing the risk of people getting sick with long covids, and increasing the risk of people being unable to work because of a fall. Or I have come into contact with someone who has become ill. “

Drakeford described the link between people in need of hospital treatment and Covid-19 infection as “only part of the story.”

“We need to remain interested in the scale of Delta variants in Wales and the resulting hundreds of people who are ill,” he added.

Drakeford said the number of people in Wales who are seriously ill due to Delta variants is “increasing almost every day.”

“That’s why when the Cabinet considers its potential in Wales, we take a step-by-step approach, taking into account the way we have throughout the pandemic, the evidence we have. I’m going to be very careful, “he added.

The Prime Minister told The Senedd that the Welsh people were ready to play their role collectively throughout the pandemic.

He received a letter from the Welsh government asking the minister to stay on the “wise precautions” that the country had protected, while others were “deeply worried” that the rules would be lifted. “.

“The Welsh people are not in the mood for a false free day,” Drakeford said.

“It remains a cautious approach in which people want each of us to continue to play our role.”

What time is Mark Drakeford’s announcement today?When to see the next Welsh Covid update with blockade relaxation

Source link What time is Mark Drakeford’s announcement today?When to see the next Welsh Covid update with blockade relaxation

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