What’s next for work-life balance? -May 13, 2021

For employers and employees, the second quarter represents a series of interim steps from self-preservation to new ways of working. There is much debate about innovation. Employers took turns announcing plans for versions of hybrid work with different emphasis on office, remote, hub-based, or mixed work patterns.

Meanwhile, as we experiment with new normals, summer vacation is approaching and working parents face annual juggling. Employers have been much more involved in providing care and supporting welfare. mental health..

In this lively debate, Bright Horizon’s senior leader shared his experience working with more than 300 of the UK’s leading employers to support his work and family. Their client partnerships range from top law firms and banks to tech giants, the NHS and FMCG.

Through just-launched research and daily conversations, they have in-depth insights into what works and what happens next. Join us to hear from these major thinkers as we discuss trends. Does work-life balance have a whole new meaning? Will employers continue to play a strong role in enabling “life” through profits, programs, and more choices?Or do Remote work Do you always provide a work-oriented culture that is on?

What’s next for work-life balance? -May 13, 2021

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