What’s the next big thing about fashion?Luxury pet market

With 88 million pets in Europe, it’s no wonder luxury brands are targeting the top markets to sell luxury accessories and haute couture petwear. Gucci, Prada, Versace, Missoni, Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren, Hermes and most catwalk houses assign a small collection to a man’s four-legged friend. Some people design product-specific items as if to show the importance of fit. Of course, its driving force is craftsmanship and must be comparable to “normal” size accessories.

Designer gear pet?

Luxury pet wear is a great deal. The figures for PEDIAF, the European pet food industry, show that services and non-food products are worth a staggering € 21.2 billion annually. In Europe, the top five countries with the highest per capita pets (dogs) are Russia, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom and Poland. According to eMarketer’s research, the global pet market will grow to a value of $ 270 billion by 2025, of which the luxury segment is worth $ 27 billion.

All-season dress

In the colder months, Fido recommends wearing a Moncler Genius dog coat, a Missoni Intarsia knit sweater, or a Dsquared2 x Poldo dog denim couture jacket. The latter is currently available for € 320 at FarFetch.

Milan-based Poldo Dog Couture has worked with many luxury homes such as Moncler and Dsquared2. The company’s co-founder, Riccardo Gardoni, told Pambianco News that the brand was born out of the need to equip Dachshund’s Poldo with functional, and above all, high-quality products. “We have always worked in fashion, and after carefully analyzing the pet market and realizing great potential, we decided to invest before others. Our strength is Made in Italy. By focusing on collaboration with luxury brands, we were able to make our brands known to viewers around the world almost instantly, while at the same time selling our collections through our own online channel. ”2021 In the first seven months, Poldo Dog Couture achieved a 207% increase in sales compared to the same period in 2020.

Image: Louis Vuitton Dog Career

Attention to details

Nylon Prada dog collars are made with the same technical appeal as handbags and accessories. No hardware hassle. Prada’s enamel triangle logo also looks prominent, and the collar is immediately visible. Prada’s dog puff coat is as meticulous as a human-sized jacket, but with snap closures, it’s quick and easy to change.

Image: Prada dog collar

At Versace, you need to spare no luxury and assign only the best to your furry friends. You can Versacify your pet’s life with beds of various sizes (its Barocco Print Dog Print Cushion Bed costs € 1,045). A collar with a gold-studded Medusa logo string costs € 545, but pets are the envy of the park, as worn by Donatella’s Jack Russell Audrey Versace.

Image: Versace dog bed

For those on an unlimited budget, Louis Vuitton’s pet carrier in a monogram canvas costs € 2,230, perfect for small animals who want to travel stylishly. It is both water and scratch resistant and is equipped with a breathable mesh window and zip around closure.

Elsewhere, Fendi, Armani, Hermes and Valentino all have accessories dedicated to their best human friends. Valentino offers customizations as part of the Rockstud Pet project, a personalized pet-inspired carrier handcrafted by Riccardo Cusimano at a cost of € 1,600.

In summary, if your pet needs a cashmere sweater, waterproof coat, non-slip socks, leather harness, hat, collar, bed, or feeder, it doesn’t have to be far from luxury.

What’s the next big thing about fashion?Luxury pet market

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