When is the next nurses strike? Warning strikes could last until Christmas

Union members rejected a wage agreement on Friday (14 April), raising concerns that further strikes could escalate. In the poll, 61% of eligible members voted for him, and 54% of those members rejected the salary agreement.

Pat Cullen, leader of the Royal College of Nursing (RCN), said an additional vote in May “means more strikes by Christmas.”

Mr Cullen has called on the government to improve salary provision to avoid further incidents. strike.

When is the next nurses strike?

nurse I will be out of the office from 8:00 pm on Sunday, April 30th to 8:00 pm on Tuesday, May 2nd.

NHS Nurses in emergency departments, intensive care units and cancer wards go on strike for the first time.

What are the authorities saying about the strike?

and Letter to Steve BerkleyCullen said: The government needs to increase what is already provided and is highly critical of any move to reduce it.

“Until we have a significantly improved offer, we will have to go back to the picket line. Meetings alone are not enough to prevent a strike and we need an improved proposal as soon as possible. has started negotiations directly with me, please do the same now.

“After a historic vote to strike, our members are expecting a historic prize.”

Meanwhile, Health Secretary Steve Berkley has called on the RCN to accept government remuneration offers so the NHS can “focus on patients”.

In an opinion piece for The Sun, he warned that a new nurses’ strike would have a “very concerning” impact on emergency services and cancer care.

And in January, he said he was “disappointed to see patients face turmoil again.”

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