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When Plan B restrictions will end and what Boris Johnson can announce next

The UK Plan B covid limit was announced on December 8 in an attempt to curb the spread of Omicron variants.

The Rule changes Covid passes are mandatory for nightclubs and large events, face coverings are legally required at certain public indoor venues, and you are required to work from home if possible.

In addition, daily immunochromatography has replaced the isolation of those who have been “pinged” as positive contacts. COVID case.

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The rules were introduced in response to the spread of Omicron. COVID Cases and hospitalizations increase in December and January.

However, the restrictions may not apply for a long time.

Boris Johnson told the House of Commons on January 5 that the government had agreed to maintain Plan B for another three weeks.

This means that the rule will expire on January 26th and will be suspended until the results of reviews prior to that date are available.

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What will happen next?

With the same speech to the Commons, Prime Minister The government said it did not want to move towards a complete blockade.

Instead, Johnson reports that he will unveil plans for how the country can “live with the virus” in the future and show what restrictions will be seen in the coming months.

I reported The plan includes shortening the quarantine period, staying at home for the currently recommended model for 5 days, and completing a free lateral flow test.

However, Education Minister Nadhim Zahawi said that free immunochromatography was never removed. Report Hull Live..

Earlier this week, Cabinet Minister Michael Gove said the country was moving to a stage where it could “live in Covid.”

Gove admitted that the NHS is facing real pressure and is “difficult in the coming weeks,” and the current Omicron-led wave has yet to be said. COVID-19 The case was softened.

Level-up Secretary, who was one of the voices around the cabinet table insisting on stricter measures when Omicron emerged, said the relaxation of restrictions would have to be guided by science, but “the sooner the better.” Stated.

Like Zahawi, Gove said that lateral flow testing is free “as long as necessary” and is an important tool for “controlling the spread of infection and ensuring that people need to be quarantined.” Is. ” Do so. “

He told Sky News: Public services are declining. “

Immunochromatography (Rapid Antigen Test)

Daily immunochromatography is beginning to be provided to approximately 100,000 critical workers to identify and isolate asymptomatic cases and limit the risk of outbreaks in major workplaces.

Gove said on January 10th today on BBC Radio 4: NHS, And our first responsibility at this time must be to support the NHS. ”

But after the current “difficult times,” Gove said he hopes “there will be a better time in the future.”

“There is another endemic, the coronavirus we live in. The virus is less harmful but tends to spread more widely.

“So, guided by science, we can look at the gradual lifting of restrictions, and I think the sooner the better for all of us.

“But we NHS Safe. ”

Times It reports that the covid pass will be abandoned this month as the waves of Omicron soften.

If the restrictions are not completely lifted, forced masks in closed spaces may be the only order left next month, the paper reports.

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When Plan B restrictions will end and what Boris Johnson can announce next

Source link When Plan B restrictions will end and what Boris Johnson can announce next

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