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When the “smiley” baby stopped laughing, Mom knew something was wrong

The mother of a “smiley” 11-month-old baby noticed something was wrong when she suddenly noticed that she stopped crawling and laughing.

echo Caitlin Molyneux’s 13-month-old son, Zaki, is reported to have been a happy and smiling baby eight weeks ago.

But in September of this year, a 22-year-old mother from Garston began to realize that her son was “not herself.”

Caitlin’s sister Courtney said Zaki’s mother took him to a general practitioner who diagnosed him with a viral infection.

A 22-year-old woman from Toxteth said:

“He’ll just lie down there and look at you. Usually he’s a very happy baby, a very smiling baby, and he just stopped laughing and laughing.”

A scan at the Alderhay Children’s Hospital found a mass in the 11-month-old heart. Further biopsies were performed to show the complete seriousness of Zaki’s catastrophic condition.

He was diagnosed with a thymoma, a life-threatening tumor that wraps around the boy’s heart and puts pressure on his internal organs. The tumor also destroyed his trachea.

According to doctors, the tumor was inoperable due to its size.

Courtney said: “They said it was the overall size of his chest. It was really big.

“Alder Hay said there were four girls or boys with this in Paris. They were the youngest at the time, but now Zaki. At that time he was 11 months old.”

Doctors have determined that it is best to shrink the tumor so that it is large enough to perform surgery.

Zaki is currently in the third course of chemotherapy. The family wants to receive good news before Christmas telling them that the drug has shrunk the tumor.

Courtney visits Caitlin, Zaki, and his 2-year-old sister Zahra’s gofundme page

Courtney added, “We are all devastated. This has never happened in our family. Obviously, we have died in our family, but our children are thus sick. It has nothing to do with being. “

On the fundraising page, Courtney, in the face of his son’s horrifying diagnosis, pays homage to his sister’s strength as a mother, saying, “Whoever knows my sister Caitlin, how strong she is, and I know her children are everything to her, “he added.

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When the "smiley" baby stopped laughing, Mom knew something was wrong

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