“When to act”: Former player demands independent regulator for football | Soccer

Many major voices in football, including Micah Richards, Gary Lineker And Gary Neville have launched a campaign to secure independent regulators of British games.

On Monday, a collection of former players, experts and media figures urged supporters to sign a government petition in hopes of building momentum for change.It precedes a fan-led review of the game Tracey Crouch, which started in the aftermath of failure. European super league plot.

“As football fans, we were shocked to try to establish a European Super League,” 22 signatories said in an open letter attached to the petition. “It was a direct threat to the integrity of the game. It destroys the benefits of sport and the concept of open competition.

“Now we need to prevent this from happening again. Without prompt and direct intervention, the return of the European Super League will be a constant threat.

“It’s time to act. We support: Government law that blocks everything Premier League A club trying to abandon the national football pyramid. Appointment of an independent football regulator. “

The game regulator subject is at the beginning of the list of terms and references for Crouch’s review. The letter calls for an organization that “represents the interests of its supporters, protects it from bad practices, and seeks to prioritize the broader goodness of the game.”

The FA is already nominally acting as many regulators of the game, and the idea of ​​an independent regulator is controversial among the most powerful players in football.

The Premier League CEO Richard Masters has already voiced opposition to any regulator.

“Given what happened, I don’t think we should hate the changing regulatory environment surrounding football, but I don’t think independent regulators are the answer to that question,” he said.

“I have defended the Premier League’s role as a club regulator for the last 30 years. Obviously, I’ve had some problems in the last 18 months, and so are all industries.”

Released at 9am at the time of writing petition There were already 30,000 signatures.

“When to act”: Former player demands independent regulator for football | Soccer

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