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When will the blockade end in Wales?How long will the Welsh Covid limit be maintained prior to today’s update?

Mark Drakeford Announces Today Include Results of the latest review Covid blockade restrictions Conducted throughout Wales..

The· Prime Minister’s speech Come first Schools starting gradual reopening on Monday, February 22In the hope that other restrictions will be relaxed.

Welsh people live under level 4 restrictions After December 20th, they can only leave home for essential reasons.

But it is The first UK country to vaccinate the top four priority groups And maintain Minimum rate of new coronavirus infection..

Mark Drakeford looked cautiously optimistic prior to the February 19 review announcement (Photo: Getty Images).

When will the blockade end in Wales?

Prior to the announcement on Friday, February 19, Drakeford said the stay-at-home order could be relaxed within three weeks, the second week of March.

He told BBC Radio Wales: “I hope this will be the last three weeks of a strict and straight-at-home ban.

“Therefore, within three weeks, if the numbers are still down, the positive rate is down, the R-value is below 1, and the hospital pressure continues to drop, I think we can exceed the stay-at-home order. “

However, the Prime Minister did not see exactly how the rules could be relaxed, adding that “difficulty” such as new variants hindered a clearer roadmap.

He explained: “I think it’s too uncertain at this point that I can say if it will be a local stay arrangement like last year or if it can be exceeded.

“As soon as we start breaking the blockade, we see that the virus begins to circulate again. More ability to manage it and restore freedom, freedom for families to meet, the first to reopen the tourism sector Is it possible to do it in a way that creates freedom to start the step of? “

When will my vacation to Wales resume?

An important part of the roadmap from the blockade includes the reopening of the tourism industry, which has been the subject of “careful” discussions about the possibility of reopening Easter.

Drakeford warned that Easter was a “far away”, but as long as the accommodation was self-contained, the relaxation of restrictions around the sector would include hotels with bed and breakfast and room service. Stated.

He said Press Association: “We use the same definition as last year. Last year, we restarted the tourism economy from self-catering accommodation, and I think the industry has made it a huge success.

Hope to resume the Welsh tourism industry by Easter (Photo: Getty Images)

“For example, it included a hotel where people could be completely self-sufficient. It’s a test that you must have a facility that isn’t shared with others. If so, that’s what we talk about. That is. “

“The people provided will act responsibly,” he added during the trip. In that case, the risk of spreading the virus is “not great.”

But he suggested that areas of Wales with low infection rates would be protected from people in areas with high levels of coronavirus, as they did under previous restrictions.

Drakeford said: “For me, travel issues weren’t about borders. It’s about ensuring that areas with very low infections are protected from moving from areas with very high infections. That’s the rest of the year. It will be a principle we take seriously when transitioning to a period. “

Can Wales enter the blockade again?

The Prime Minister’s comments were cautiously optimistic, but came after Welsh Health Minister Vaughan Gething warned earlier this week that there may be further national restrictions even after the current measures have been lifted. It was.

He states: “I’m not saying we can give you a guarantee of cast iron that will never happen.

“For example, we’ve found a way to remove some restrictions, but if we see a significant increase in the virus, whether it’s a new variant or not, we’re responsible for acting.”

The Minister added that the Government of Wales will use information from the country’s chief health officer, scientific advisers, and data on transmission speeds and NHS capacities before deciding whether restrictions can be relaxed.

Additional report from Press Association

When will the blockade end in Wales?How long will the Welsh Covid limit be maintained prior to today’s update?

Source link When will the blockade end in Wales?How long will the Welsh Covid limit be maintained prior to today’s update?

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