Where are the additional dates, prices and ticket purchases announced?

Coldplay has announced the “Music of the Sphere” World Tour. Here’s how to get your ticket:

On a huge tour, Coldplay plays a show at Wembley Stadium, but dates have been added due to tremendous demand.


Coldplay announces a huge 2022 world tour

Coldplay World Tour Held in the summer, tickets should sell like pancakes.

Tickets went on sale from 10am on October 22nd Ticketmaster When AXSSo, if you want to get a pair, don’t hang out.

Good news for UK fans as we announced five dates instead of one at Wembley.

Due to overwhelming demand, the final day, August 20, has been added, so don’t miss it.

They will play Wembley Stadium August 12, 13, 16, 19, 20 and August 23 at Hampden Park in Glasgow.

Coldplay Tour 2022 Wembley Date

  • August 12, Wembley Stadium London- Buy here
  • August 13, Wembley Stadium London- Buy here
  • August 16, Wembley Stadium London- Buy here
  • August 19, Wembley Stadium London- Buy here
  • August 20 Wembley Stadium London- Buy here * Additional date *
  • August 23, Hampden Park Stadium in Glasgow- Buy here

Special guest HER will be attending the Wembley show, and London Grammar will be attending Glasgow.

Enthusiastic fans can get their tickets faster than anyone else by pre-ordering the Music of the Sphere from the official Coldplay UK store.

The band posted a world tour date on Instagram, saying, “Playing live and finding connections with people is the ultimate reason we exist as a band.

“We have been planning his tour for years and we are very excited to play the song together all the time.

“At the same time, we are very aware that the planet is facing a climate crisis.

“For the last two years, we’ve worked with environmental experts to make this tour as sustainable as possible and, more importantly, to take advantage of the tour’s potential to move things forward.

“We can’t understand everything right, but we promise to do everything we can and share what we have learned.

Here's how to see the guys on tour


Here’s how to see the guys on tour

“This is an ongoing work and I am truly grateful for the support so far.

“If you want to come to the show and sing along, we’re very excited to see you.”

This is because the band has announced that they want to make the tour as sustainable as possible, and the stadium will be driven by 100% renewable energy, including Wembley.

Are Coldplay tickets sold out?

These tickets are sure to sell out soon.

It will be available on October 22nd, but the best way to see if your tickets are sold out is to monitor your Coldplay social media account. Ticketmaster When AXS..

How much is a Coldplay ticket?

Ticket prices have not yet been announced, but concert prices in Brussels start at € 52.40 for seated tickets and € 95.60 for standing tickets. This means that UK dates are expected to start at £ 40. ..

Is Coldplay touring in 2021?

No, Coldplay has announced a date for 2022, so it’s not performing well in 2021.

The Music of the Spheres Tour takes you on a World Tour that promises to use 100% renewable energy. I can’t wait.

When will Coldplay tickets be on sale to the general public?

Tickets for the Coldplay Music of the Sphere Tour will go on sale October 22nd at 10am.

Tickets will be available from Ticketmaster When AXS..

These tickets are expected to be sold out, so set an alarm.

Where are you playing Coldplay in 2022?

Coldplay will have five dates at Wembley Stadium in London and Hampden Park National Stadium in Glasgow.

Their world tour will also feature performances at a variety of venues in North and Latin America, including SoFi Stadium in LA and Rock in Rio Festival in Rio de Janeiro.

On European dates, we will also play the Stade de France in Paris and the Stade de France in Berlin.

Who is the support act for Coldplay’s Music of the Sphere Tour?

The Grammy Award-winning HER supports Coldplay for most of the World of the Sphere tours.

London Gramma also supports Coldplay on certain days, such as Wembley and Berlin.

Duran Duran also plays BST Hyde Park You can get your ticket here..

Read more about Click here for the Sun Festival and Music Tour.

Want to see the steps of the tour?You are You can get your ticket here.

BRIT Awards 2021-Coldplay opens show with higher power

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Where are the additional dates, prices and ticket purchases announced?

Source link Where are the additional dates, prices and ticket purchases announced?

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