Which sports are the most popular in India?

India is home to people with different sports passions. But some games have massive followers that unite all Indians in front of their televisions. Some sports are more dominant in terms of followers and popularity. Other sports are second to religion in India; for example, cricket is a pure obsession to the entire population.

Most Popular Sports in India

In the middle of cricket being a national obsession, other sports have a following too in India. Other sports are gaining popularity and Indians increasingly bet online and offline to try their luck and make a quick buck. That being said, it’s advisable to only bet at recommended betting sites in India.

The betting sites have increased awareness of the other’s games apart from the dominating cricket, and good training and determination Indian sports will not be dictated by cricket. Since the 2004 Athens Olympics, India has received medals from the Olympics.

Below are the leading sports in popularity in India:


Indians love cricket more than all other sports; you can compare their crazy obsession with Brazil and Argentina’s love for soccer. This unmatched love is because of Indians’ performance on the game worldwide and telecasting and promotion by sports channels in the country.

Since 1983, the champions trophy was India until 2013. India had the best cricketers the world had seen in this era, with Sachin Tendulkar. Rahul Dravid, the sport, gained popularity.


Football is the most popular sport globally, but India got termed a sleeping giant. They ranked Indian football 105 worldwide, a poor performance considering the Indian population compared with other small nations who have won world cups.

India is simply a spectator nation and has a considerable number of followers. India spectates European tournaments, that’s why there is massive popularity. Premier leagues are one of the most-watched sports in India, making young Indians follow and support the clubs connecting with other followers in the world. Indians have followed premier leagues’ examples and have India Soccer League (ISL)

ISL was growing its viewership. In 2014, it recorded 160 million viewers in its first season.


Kabaddi takes the third position in India instead of hockey or tennis because it is one of the traditional Indian sports. The country has a pro-kabaddi league, and in 2014 PKL became the second followed game in India.

Having a foundation of solid viewers, it has a set of sponsors. They watched it in rural and urban areas because of its popularity and gaining more viewers as people learn about it.

Indians and Iranians mostly play kabaddi, and India won the kabaddi world cup trophy until 2017.


Badminton has been a fun game to play, but its performance on the international stage has been the opposite. On the other hand, Indians have made an impression and a name on the international stage. Saina Nehwal changed the narrative after winning a bronze medal in the London Olympics in 2012.

Later in 2016, PV Sindhu did way better, taking home a silver medal at the Olympics. And there are a number who did well in badMinton. After seeing the rise of badminton talents on the international stage, BAI (badminton association India) presided over the premier badminton league in 2013.


In the days India dominated hockey in the world led by Dhyan Chand, it won world hockey Olympic gold medals. The national sport of India is trying to revive the golden years and bring back the gold medals.

Hockey has its league called hockey India league, which started in 2013 which is recognized by the federation of international hockey.

After hockey performance declined In India Netherlands, and Germany took over Indian dominance. India shows revival signs you never know they might be back and reclaim the golden years.


Tennis is famous worldwide and has keen followers in India. Although there hasn’t been a gigantic successful single circuit, there have been quality double players like Mahesh Bhupathi and Leander Paes. After the retirement of Bhupathi, India has insufficient experienced doubles players remaining with Rohan Bopanna and Sania Mirza.

Due to increased viewership, Mahesh launched the international premier tennis league in 2014 with four teams around Asia.

The league wasn’t successful, but Singapore slammers have won twice.


A country with a significant population like India should win major popular international sports, but it’s not the case because of a lack of proper support and motivation. To add viewership and professional players in India, it should introduce sports in the school system. Having a different sports culture in India will bring more gold medals in the future.




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