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Who is Nico Omirana, a candidate for mayor of London?

LONDONERS is busy voting for the next mayor of the capital.

In between Record-breaking 20 candidates Running is YouTuber Nikoomi Lana.

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Nico Omirana announces his candidacy through his social media accountCredit: Getty

Who is Nico Omirana, a candidate for mayor of London?

Niko Omilana was born in Staffordshire in March 1998.

The 23-year-old often posts mischievous videos on YouTube channels with more than 3.6 million subscribers.

His latest video is called “I sent a look-alike in national news” and has been viewed more than 2.9 million times.

The 23-year-old announced his candidacy through a social media account.

On April 2, 2021, Omirana shared a video on Instagram, urging 1.1 million followers to vote for him in the next vote. 2021 London Mayoral Election..

He states: “I’m Nico Omirana, the founder and supreme leader of the Nico Defense League, and I’m running for Mayor of London.

“As you can see, I take this very seriously. Everything so far has been warm-ups, light jogging, park walks, but now we’re going to pick up the biggest city in the country. It is said.

“No other leader in this country is as good as I am, so ask a friend. Vote Nico for the Mayor of London on May 6th … otherwise you’ll be breathtaking!

“Make sure you are registered to vote too. You don’t want to miss this.”

He shared his complete manifesto on Twitter. Boris Johnson “Shush” outlined his plans to rename Big Ben.

The 23-year-old often shares naughty videos on YouTube


The 23-year-old often shares naughty videos on YouTubeCredit: Rex

Why is Nico Omirana the Mayor of London?

On April 8, 2021, the young candidate posted a video requesting an interview by the BBC.

He said, “I want to speak to young people.”

“Hello BBC. I’m Nico Omirana. I’m standing outside your office. I won’t leave until I’m interviewed,” he said.

He continued. “Because I’m indignant, come to all of your studio and see I take all the precautions I really need.

“You not only give the airtime of my competition, but also mispronounce my name. This is something I can’t forgive.

“I had to think that the only reason my name was mispronounced was because I was the youngest in the mayoral vote and because of that you didn’t respect me.

“BBC, it’s time to give the youth a say.

“Make the right choice from one BBC to another and interview me.

“Niko Omirana, your future mayor of London.”

After his request, he later announced that the network had agreed to interview him the following week.

Who is Nico Omirana, a candidate for mayor of London?

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