Who was Judi Dench’s dad Reginald?

Academy Award-winning actress Judi Dench discovers a shocking family history with her latest appearance in the BBC series. Who do you think you are?

We will look at who the actress’s father, Reginald, and who she discovered to have a relationship with.


Judi Dench is an 86-year-old Oscar-winning actressCredits: Andrew Sims-The Sunday Times

Who was Judi Dench’s dad Reginald?

JudyMy father was Reginald Arthur Dench.

He was born on October 25, 1987 and died in 1964.

He was born in … Dorset, England, later immigrated Dublin, Where he grew up.

He met Dench’s mother while studying medicine at Trinity College Dublin.

He then specialized his medical professional in becoming a doctor.

Not only is he a doctor yoke Theater group.

Judi Dench was the daughter of Eleanor and Reginald Dench.


Judi Dench was the daughter of Eleanor and Reginald Dench.Credit: Getty

Who was her mother Eleanor?

Dench’s mother was Eleanor Olive Jones.

There is little information about her mother, but what we know is that she was born in Ireland.

She also worked as a wardrobe mistress.

Judging by the age of Judy’s father, it is reasonable to assume that her mother also died.

What other distant family does Judi Dench have?

Starring an Oscar-winning British actress BBCPeople Who do you think series.

86-year-old star after delving into the heritage of her family She discovered that she had ties to both the Danish and Swedish royal families.

“I didn’t know anything about it,” she admitted in shock.

“Or, even if I had a connection with Denmark, I found this to be my mother’s family. Of course, I would like to explore it further.

“And now I believe there is also a Swedish connection, which may encourage a visit there!”

She also learned that her maternal ancestor was a woman waiting in the Danish royal family and had a connection to William Shakespeare’s play “Hamlet.”

“I hope my maternal eight-time grandmother liked Shakespeare, but otherwise she might have missed the night!”

“But I know that [one of the early actors in Shakespeare’s plays] Kemp visited the castle and probably played there, so it feels like he’s one step closer to his beloved Shakespeare. “

Who was Judi Dench’s dad Reginald?

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