Whole body skin care is a big beauty trend in 2020

When it comes to our skin care, we expect the most sophisticated formulas and active ingredients and spend hours addressing all our skin needs. So why don’t many of us pay so much attention? Body skin care??

We know to be careful Vitamin C If your skin is a little dull, or if you have clogged pores or breakouts, choose salicylic acid and make a beeline of hyaluronic acid for hydration.

Still, when it comes to the skin under the chin, we completely ignore it. Our calf may be cracked and screaming for moisture. Tracksuit.. Our armpits can be itchy and red, but we still can’t provide relief and instead continue to apply antiperspirants that we know are causing irritation Select that.

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But by 2022, this will all change. Maybe thanks to working from home for the last two years, I was able to extend my cosmetology routine in the extra minutes of the morning. Or maybe you just want to be as healthy as possible, both inside and out.

For obvious reasons, self-care has become a big boom and we are all working harder to protect our physical and mental health. Even negative speakers had to switch their stiff upper lip for some sanity-enhancing rituals to keep their heads horizontal. Taking care of our body and our skin is the first step. Not surprisingly, skin care innovations have improved rapidly in time to meet this vibrant demand. Body care has enhanced the game, and we’re not talking about more silky cream.

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“It seems that more people are taking extra time in their routines to take care of their bodies,” he says. Hope SmithFounder and CEO of a new beauty brand MUTHA.. “Our consumers are smart and not only treating wrinkles and pigmentation on the face. They are as effective as reserved for smaller areas of the face for their bodies. I want the ingredients. “

Enjoying the benefits of skin care science previously reserved for the face, we are discovering the benefits of overall hydration hyaluronic acid For dusty limbs, AHA Possibility of retinol on rough arms and as smoothness of scars and stretch marks.Even textures have been upgraded serum, oil And a gel body formula that reminds us that all skin is entitled to equal treatment.

“Our bodies carry the weight of the world, but we often don’t give them what they deserve,” says Hope. “It’s important to treat your body with the same nutritional ingredients and attention to detail as your face.” With that in mind, immerse yourself in the fast-growing world of body care.

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Whole body skin care is a big beauty trend in 2020

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