Why CBD Foot Cream was an Oscar Breakout Star

Actor Glenn Close reveals how CBD can help prevent foot pain on the red carpet.

It was a big night for Anthony Hopkins, Daniel Kaluya and Chloe Zhao nomads, but for many the real star of the night was Glenn Close’s CBD foot cream.

Hillbilly Elegy stars used Instagram to share plans to prevent inevitable foot pain from night on high heels.

Nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her role in a Netflix drama, Close showed off a CBD-injected pedicure when she was fascinated by an event that looked a little different this year in the light of the situation.

The ceremony was held in the hall Union Station in Los Angeles is not the usual home of the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, and we don’t recommend sitting at a socially distant table to mix.

The 74-year-old posted a video on her Instagram profile explaining, “Apply CBD oil to your feet to make sure your feet are comfortable and comfortable,” with the caption “CBD cream on your feet !!!” Did.

Close was unable to bring Oscar home for eight consecutive record-breaking years, but at least her feet became headlines, and several media outlets such as Grazia and Vulture shared her foot regime. did.

And as reported by Bustle, She is not alone. Stars such as Melissa McCarthy, Mandy Moore and Michelle Williams have vowed to survive the long night on the red carpet.

Who can blame them? A year after barely taking off the slippers, the idea of ​​putting our feet back on the sword is rounding our toes for our best.

In that nature Anti-inflammatory effect With the ability to act as an antioxidant, CBD is becoming a “destructive force” in the beauty and personal care industry. Last year’s report.

Topical medications such as massage oils, sesame oils and creams are applied directly to areas of concern. That is, CBD works faster and is not absorbed into the bloodstream.

According to the co-founder of the UK brand HapihempThe topical use of CBD oil has many potential benefits, including soothing the skin, relieving discomfort, and providing long-term moisturizing.

If enough for A list …


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Why CBD Foot Cream was an Oscar Breakout Star

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