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Why does Priti Patel face France directly?

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Priti Patel disagrees with French counterparts over the immigration crisis.

Priti Patel Amid heightened tensions, we will meet with French counterparts at the G7 Ministerial Meeting on Wednesday. Immigration crisis.

The Interior Minister has already issued a harsh warning to France about withdrawing the £ 54.2m that Britain provided to its neighbors in July.

This money should have helped prevent immigrants from traveling across the UK channel to the UK, but despite financial support from the Interior Ministry, there has been a significant influx in recent weeks. So the meeting between Patel and French Minister Gerald Darmanin may be a little offensive.

The number of immigrants is increasing

Patel repeatedly promised to crack down on the number of asylum seekers arriving in Britain, especially those via the English Channel, but tried to exceed record numbers on Monday.

According to witnesses, at least 1,000 people were seen traveling from France to Britain, but the Home Office claims that the actual number is much lower at 785.

On August 21, when 828 migrants traveled to the UK, the numbers finally reached a record high.

It is believed that the number of immigrants is increasing, especially due to the ideal weather conditions after August, when it is rainy and cold.

Even if you don’t count the numbers on Monday, it is estimated that more than 12,500 people traveled to the channel in search of asylum, according to PA News Agency. That’s far more than the 8,417 people who arrived in the UK in the same way in 2020.

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Young migrants being carried by border force personnel after arriving in Dover on Wednesday

Patel is furious at recent events

The Interior Minister threatened not to cover the French border security bill unless the goal was met.

She argues that France should stop near three-quarters of those trying to make a crossroads, but her counterparts say the country has stopped more than half as it is.

Patel previously argued that he wanted to make channel intersections “infeasible” for those people. Illegal entry into the UK..

She also proposes an increase in imprisonment for illegal immigrants and wants life imprisonment for those who “promote” intersections.

However, Patel is reportedly “furious”, according to the Times, as the French reportedly stopped only 200 immigrants on Monday.

“If we can’t stop three times at four intersections by the end of this month, we’re ready to withdraw the promised money within two months,” she told Tories.

She also said this week: “It’s a payment by result and we haven’t seen those results yet. Money is conditional.”

France is fighting back

France said her policy would be “a collapse of the spirit of mutual trust” if Patel withdrew the funds.

Curry MP Pierre-Henri Dumont told BBC Radio 4 today that “nothing” couldn’t stop immigrants and that it was “impossible” for French police to patrol the entire coastline.

He states:

“The funds promised by the British government to France are set to maintain this number of patrols, which had already doubled a few weeks ago.”

The French Interior Ministry also responded to Patel’s threat, saying: “The funds (£ 54 million) provided by the British Government within the framework of this cooperation are a fair contribution to this effort, which relies primarily on the French Army.

Dunkit Wood via Getty Images

Immigrants arriving in Dungeness

“The terms of this funding were negotiated in detail with the UK side and there was no doubt that payments would be made on the condition of quantified targets.

“Such an approach will reflect a serious loss of trust in our cooperation.”

The ministry called on the government to “be aware of the announced use of procedures to combat cross-sea attempts,” which could be dangerous and violate international law.

“It will also bring about a collapse of the spirit of mutual trust that has supported our common behavior so far,” he added.

Is this a success or failure for Patel?

Patel, along with Foreign Minister Dominic Raab and Education Minister Gavin Williamson, alleged that they could face demotion later this week in a speculative cabinet reshuffle.

The Prime Minister’s allies told The Times: “It’s very good that she complains about not having a lever to fix it, but she’s been working for another two years.”

In particular, a committee called the Small Ministers’ Group: Resettlement in Afghanistan is chaired by Michael Gove, the Prime Minister of the Duchy of Lancaster, rather than Patel.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has publicly defended Patel and told the House of Commons on Wednesday that the number of intersections “mostly” depends on French authorities.

He added that Patel “was treating it in the best possible way, to ensure that they did not leave their French coast.”

However, he concluded that: “Obviously over time and as this problem continues, we need to use every possible tactic we have at our disposal to thwart vulgar transactions and the desired manipulation of people.”

Tories also demand that Patel take more decisive action. Dover’s Conservative lawmaker Natalie Elficke has called for a new emergency law to turn the boat back.

She states: “If the French don’t stop the little boats, we need to turn them back, come back and take good control of the border.”

Why does Priti Patel face France directly?

Source link Why does Priti Patel face France directly?

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