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Why is the UK facing a supply chain crisis?

What’s going on

Scottish soft drink company AGBarr, the manufacturer of the famous sugared soda Irn-Bru, The latest companies in the supply chain roar I’m currently fond of British retailers.

CEO Roger White describes the delay in shipping the company’s signature products: Inflation is around us now. Above all, materials, wages, supplies, etc. So you need to be careful about how you manage this. “

Mr White was talking to Britain, who was involved in the flash fuel crisis. Rumors spread that the shortage of HGV drivers caused barren shelves and consumer dissatisfaction throughout the UK, causing drivers to buy up gasoline and panic. Throughout the summer of 2021.

AG Barr, along with restaurant chains, has joined the long list of high street businesses reporting concerns about inventory shortages in recent months. Nando’s When KFC There is a shortage of chicken, McDonald’s I’m having a hard time making a milkshake When Iceland Failure to keep daily necessities such as bread and soft drinks on the shelves..

Tesco, Dairy giant Arla And candy store Haribo All report in the same way Supply chain Recent problems.

The problem lasted throughout the summer, but was first revealed during the heat wave of July, when social media was flooded with photos of empty shelves in stores across the country.

The confusion was after that Mainly because of “ping demic”The shift schedule was changed and the service was rescheduled as staff were absent due to the enthusiastic NHS Test and Trace app and were instructed to self-quarantine after contacting a person who tested positive for Covid-19. It has been delayed or canceled in many industries. ..

However, the app was tuned on August 2nd, became less confidential, and searched for contacts that were only detected in the last two days instead of the fifth, which seems to have reduced the chance of issuing a quarantine order. ..

Therefore, if manufacturing, retail, and service employees were forced to stay at home, the problem of restocking in-store supplies would have been greatly reduced.

The fact that it does not point to other parts of the supply chain, that is, delivery malfunctions.

Many companies have long warned of the chronic shortage of truck drivers due to Britain’s decision to leave the European Union in such a harsh way, and their fears are now a reality. It seems that it is going on.

So is it Brexit’s fault?

Well, at least partially.

The UK transportation industry says that as a result of Brexit, 25,000 European truck drivers will return to their country of origin due to the loss of strict visa rules and free movement of labor principles as part of the EU. I presume that I lost it because I was forced to do so.

We believe the spill is currently stalled by colluding with the coronavirus pandemic and the aging workforce, preventing 40,000 new applicants from being tested and licensed as carriers. It has contributed significantly to the shortage of 100,000 drivers. ..

Even the embarrassed Secretary of Transportation Grant Shaps Brexit had to agree with his political enemies throughout Europe and the aisles “Factors” of chaos..

Talk to BBC Radio 4 today In a program in late August, Iceland’s managing director Richard Walker said the shortage of HGV drivers “is affecting the food supply chain on a daily basis.”

“For the first time since the pandemic began, deliveries were canceled, about 30-40 deliveries per day,” he said.

“Bread and fast-moving lines are canceled at about 100 stores a day.”

When asked if he believed Brexit was the root cause, Walker replied: But it’s self-harm. It’s not an inevitable result of Brexit … this is because the government is unaware of the importance of HGV drivers and the work they are doing for us.

“These HGV drivers have been showing on public roads for 18 months during the pandemic. It’s a crime that we don’t consider them skilled workers.”

Coop Boss Steve Murrels agreed when he said Times His company Some food ranges need to be reduced Because of “problems caused by Brexit and Covid”.

Richard Griffiths, CEO of the British Poultry Council, said he wrote to the Interior Minister last week. Priti Patel There was still no response to the shortages caused by EU drivers returning home and the difficulties associated with coming to the UK more due to “immigration policy restrictions”.

Morrisons empty shelves in Belver, Liverpool in July


“Without people, problems arise. This is what we see throughout the supply chain. The labor crisis is a Brexit problem,” he said.

Poultry giant Avaro Foods also squeezed Nando’s chicken shortage, said a spokesman. This is stressing the UK supply chain. “

Boris Johnson So far we have tried to downplay concerns, but the Ministry of Transport is now Try a very long “eco-friendly” heavy truck on British roads Hoping to allow carriers to carry more cargo without the need for additional staff.

Why are you looking for this now?

The situation is showing no signs of improvement without intervention, due to the petrol crisis reminiscent of the unsightly stockpile of toilet paper seen at the beginning of the first blockade in March last year.

This is doubly related to Christmas, just three months away.

“The reason I’m sounding the alarm now is that one Christmas has already been canceled at the last minute. I don’t want this to be a problem either,” Walker warned. today..

“We really start increasing inventories in September for a very important time of the year,” he explained.

“There are many products to ship between now and Christmas, and a strong supply chain is essential for everyone.”

Also worried about the holiday season was Cold Chain Federation Policy Officer Tom Sausole. Independent: “The larger food chain must prioritize some products over others. They probably prioritize what makes the most money, or perhaps what is popular.

“I’m sure we’ll see it at Christmas time for the foreseeable future. There are many plans to enter Christmas and it’s happening now. For example, I’ve heard that there is a problem with turkey processing.”

His warning about the potential for reduced availability of fresh foods such as Brussels sprouts was repeated by Nick Allen of the British Meat Processors Association. So there is no total Christmas favorite that we are used to. “

Why is the UK facing a supply chain crisis?

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