Why is there Black Friday? –Elaha Moosa, Gumley House School FCJ

Why is there Black Friday? I doubt that many of us ask ourselves each time this time comes. For many of us in the UK, it’s an opportunity to get clothes at a great price or a new oven at half the retail price. But Black Friday isn’t the only one! Therefore, you need to take the time to delve into its origins and understand why this shopping holiday really happened.

In contrast, in the United States, Black Friday traditionally marks Friday after Thanksgiving (a national holiday). In the UK, on ​​the other hand, Black Friday is the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. Gives people the opportunity to get great gifts at a low price. Recently, people around the world have been obsessed with cheap prices, leading to impulsive purchases and new clothes that are ready to be thrown away after the first wear.

Over the years, the first use of the phrase “Black Friday” can be traced back to around 1869, when gold prices plummeted, causing the market to plummet and leaving a lasting impact on the U.S. economy. People are gathering. However, the first use of this phrase we are aware of can be said to be around the 1950s by the Philadelphia traffic police when describing traffic congestion in retail stores. Now we are using “Black Friday” to continue to explain the desperate shopping holidays that people prepare days ago!

On the surface, Black Friday may seem like a fun experience, but it also has its drawbacks. Moreover, it is a great opportunity for stores to sell surplus inventory as well as to stimulate the economy. In addition, Black Friday is a family tradition and a great way to spend time with your loved ones, as it is a good time for people to buy Christmas gifts for each other. Still, it’s a great opportunity to make impulsive decisions about attractive deals, such as buying items that aren’t otherwise available, accidents, injuries, and in-store fights.

According to a 2019 report from the Green Alliance charity, 80% of Black Friday jackpot purchases are thrown away shortly after purchase. The positive and negative effects of Black Friday are clear. You need to be aware of them each time this time of the year comes, and you need to be unaffected by impulse purchases based on many things. Do you think Black Friday sales are worth it?

Why is there Black Friday? –Elaha Moosa, Gumley House School FCJ

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