Why Top Gun Kelly McGillis was snubbed from the sequel after an unrecognizable double-married star quit fame and emerged as gay

SHE was once one of Hollywood’s most desirable top-notch women after appearing on the other side of Tom Cruise with Top Gun, but nowadays it’s a good idea to admit Kelly McGillis.

64 years old Pete’Maverick’ Mitchell’s flight instructor and love interest, played Charlie Blackwood Original 1986 movie -However, Sequel It will be out later this month.


Kelly McGillis played Tom Cruise’s love interest in the original Top GunCredit: Rex Features
Kelly will not appear in the sequel to the new Top Gun


Kelly will not appear in the sequel to the new Top GunCredit: WireImage-Getty

Two mothers KellyTaking a big step out of Hollywood, she abandoned her trademark blonde rock and replaced her gorgeous wardrobe with casual buggy pants and T-shirts.

She has endured a significant proportion of her heartache, including two miserable marriages, before she emerged as gay in 2010.

When Kelly opened up about the tragic gangbang trials at the age of 24, she was convinced that it was a divine “punishment” for her sexuality.

Kelly turned to alcohol to paralyze the pain. It will eventually see her check in for rehab and overcome her addiction.

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“Punished for being homosexual”

After growing up in Newport Beach, California, Kelly moved to New York in 1979 when her parents kicked her out at the age of 17. Since then, she has said, “The best they have ever done for me.”

“I was an incredibly rebellious teenager,” Kelly told Philadelphia Gay News. “I was 18 and thought I should have all the privileges of 18 when I was 13. I was out of control.”

Upon entering New York, she enrolled in The Juilliard School as a drama student, where she met her first husband, Boyd Black, who married later that year to regain her parents’ approval.

The couple split amicably in 1981. That same year, Kelly was struck by his gun and robbed.

In 1982 Kelly began dating women and they moved flat together, but tragedy occurred when two teenage boys invaded and tied them up before raping them. happened.

“They kept switching and told me they were going to beat me until I died,” Kelly said. Man..

“At that point I thought I would die, and I resigned myself.”

Eventually the police arrived. Kelly identified one of her attackers, 15-year-old Leroy Johnson, who had escaped from the boy’s detention, from a mugshot.

He was found guilty and imprisoned for three years. The identities of the other boys were never disclosed.

Kelly kept the secrets of the trials for years, even from her family, and later admitted that “I created this story of being punished for being gay.”

History repeats

Kelly has revealed that it is not the first time she has been raped since then. In June 2016, an old wound was reopened by the invasion and assault of her house.

In a live Facebook post, she claimed to have been gang-raped by three men at the age of twelve. Kelly also claimed that someone in her past stalked her, poisoned her pet, and tried to destroy her belongings.

She writes: “After each of these attacks, I moved in the hope that I could find a safe place. No.

“I am now left behind in all the horrifying emotions of PTSD and trying to pull myself out of the very depths of all the depression and despair that I consume.

“The pain of all that background was pushed to the forefront of my psyche.”

From that experience, Kelly applied for a hidden carry gun to protect herself.

Power outage drinking

Kelly starred with Jodie Foster in The Accused


Kelly starred with Jodie Foster in The AccusedCredit: Rex

After the New York attack, Kelly struggled to eat and sleep, “continuously squeezing” and eventually turning to alcohol to paralyze the pain.

She admitted to waking up after a big night without knowing where she was or who she was with.

Kelly’s talent starred as an Amish widow alongside Harrison Ford and Top Gun, playing a leading role in witness and making her famous.

She was offered the role of rape victim in the 1988 movie The Accused, but she declined because she was still struggling to agree to rape. Instead, she played the prosecutor.

Quit Hollywood

Kelly quit Hollywood to marry Fred Tillman-she later divorced


Kelly quit Hollywood to marry Fred Tillman-she later divorcedCredit: Getty

Kelly began dating a man again when she married away from her glittering film career and made the shocking decision to start a family.

She married Fred Tillman, a wealthy yacht salesman, in 1989. The couple moved to Key West Florida, where they opened a restaurant called Kelly’s.

She welcomed her two children (currently 31-year-old Kelsey and 29-year-old Sonora), but was arrested for proposing a prostitute by Tillman just four days after giving birth to her youngest child, 250. When she was fined the dollar, her life began to unravel again. Masked policeman.

They survived the storm, but eventually divorced in 2002.

Meanwhile, Kelly’s dependence on drugs and alcohol worsened-what she called “the coping mechanism of all the s *** I created in my life” -and she checked in for rehab. ..

Tillman was granted custody of her daughter during her recovery, and nine months later she worked hard to rebuild relationships with her children and refused the opportunity to return to acting.

Gay romance

Kelly says she doesn't play as good a role as


Kelly says she doesn’t play as good a role as “old and fat”credit: .

During her marriage, Kelly grew up near Melanie Leeds, one of the restaurant bartenders. Melanie Leeds is also a recovering alcoholic.

The actress began to embrace her sexuality by being calm, and in 2009 she came out as a lesbian and announced on SheWired.com that “I ended up with a man.”

The following year she entered into a civil partnership with Melanie-although their relationship was not a simple voyage.

Melanie suffered from Kelly’s resistance to publicly admit her as a partner, according to sources at the time, and the couple split several times during a decade of romance.

Kelly admitted that the children “very well understood” about her sexuality, but she was worried about their friends and their parents.

She and Melanie split in 2013, at which point Kelly added some more movie and television credits to her resume and decided to work with drug addicts and alcoholics at the rehab center. I threw myself.

She told The Oklahoman in 2013: It is alive. “

That year, Kelly began teaching acting at the New York Studio Four Stage and Screen NYS3 in Asheville, NC.

“I’m old and fat”

Kelly looks unrecognizable lately


Kelly looks unrecognizable latelyCredit: Mega Agency

Kelly believes he has recently resigned from the lead role because he refused to undergo plastic surgery or dye his gray hair into the infamous blonde.

She states: “For a long time I tried to be something I wasn’t, and I have to say that it ruined my life in various ways.”

But Top Gun director Joseph Kosinski said the reason she didn’t participate in the sequel was because he wanted to move the story with the new character-and Kelly was happy with it. Claim to be doing.

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“I’m old and fat,” she said. “And I look age-appropriate about what my age is, and it’s not what the whole scene is.

“I want to be absolutely reassured about my skin and age, rather than value everything else.”

Why Top Gun Kelly McGillis was snubbed from the sequel after an unrecognizable double-married star quit fame and emerged as gay

Source link Why Top Gun Kelly McGillis was snubbed from the sequel after an unrecognizable double-married star quit fame and emerged as gay

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