Will CBD be the key to a healthier 2022?

While yoga practice is great for connecting the body, CBD may help deal with stress and anxiety.

After the stress of the last two years, we have all been able to relax and unleash one of our New Year’s aspirations. Starting yoga or introducing CBD could be a great start to 2022.

new event, Yoga and CBD: Sensory WorkshopAims to combine the two to provide a night of yoga, conscious movements and botanical education. Will be held on January 20th Core Clapton

Yoga is led by Victoria Logan, who has worked in the field of cannabis for three years and teaches yoga. Roísín Delaney of cannabis consultancy Neon Green provides information on the endogenous cannabinoid system. Harbotany Health Providing CBD products to participants.

Victoria has been teaching yoga for almost four years after training teachers in India and is passionate about mental health, CBD and reconnecting with the body.

Victoria said: “I came to the cannabis space via a medical route, not wellness. I’ve been working for Medical cannabis center For about three years, I’ve been trying to change my prescription policy. I’ve been using cannabis for a long time, so I was able to enter the CBD market. “

She added: “I understand that people are very interested in using CBD as a supplement. Especially if you have a fairly sick person in your family, use it as part of your daily ritual. I’ve met many interesting patients who are also using CBD as a supplement to help manage their situation. It’s really natural to start talking about CBD and introduce it into my practice. It seemed like a lot of progress. “

Yoga: Victoria Logan poses for yoga

Yoga and mental health

Yoga and CBD have much in common in terms of the health benefits they can offer. This is especially true when it comes to helping mental health conditions.

“It slows everything down [down] You can connect your mind and body, “explained Victoria.

“CBD is a natural product that shares many of the healing and soothing aspects of yoga. It allows you to get into the right headspace while giving you space to manage things. Many mental health problems are solved, especially with Planayama, the breathing technique used in meditation and yoga. “

Victoria emphasized that the session included gentle Vinyasa practice, and event attendees guided breathing exercises and tasted CBD. With variations in each pose, you can adjust the event to suit your level of experience, from beginners to experts.

Yoga is often associated with flexibility, but you don’t have to start. There are a variety of physical and mental health conditions that can benefit from participating in and implementing regular yoga routines.

“I can’t do that because I’m too stiff. No matter what happens, you’re too stiff because your body has that trauma, illness, sadness and anger,” Victoria said.

“In yoga practice, it really works in those areas. Especially, a practice called Yin Yoga that keeps you breathing 3-5 times. It’s very floor-based, resilient, at the same time calm and passive. It may seem a little uncomfortable at first, but it turns out that the longer you take your posture, the less stress you have and the more you actually benefit from it.

“You open your body and allow a little space and recovery. Then with CBD, it’s a nice extra to have in practice. It helps your body stiffen and helps keep your pose long. “

Endogenous cannabinoid system education

The event begins with an introduction to the Endogenous Cannabinoid System (ECS).

Victoria said: “I think it’s really basic for people to understand that it’s in our body. Many people don’t know it’s actually there, and it comes down to education. Introducing how ECS, receptors, and plants interact with it.

“We also have a little pranayama, which is a breathing exercise. All we take part of Harbotany CBD. There is also a small pot of ointment for self-massage. We sniff the product to people and consciously do it. It is advisable to use and take the time to appreciate it and nourish the body. “

Yoga event

The event is expected to be the first of many events with plans to develop a series that can be held online directly across the UK.

“It’s really great to attend a yoga workshop. It’s a nice environment to meet lots of nice people on similar journeys and paths. Especially if people are working on things at the moment. Or if something trauma happens, it can create a safe place and relieve some of that stress and tension, “Victoria added.

“I love holding events and wellness workshops that connect people while creating a community atmosphere. Thanks to the last few years, I think people really react to it for now. I feel that the natural thing to do is to get out of this little Covid bubble, create a wellness event, and help people get back to normal life. “

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Will CBD be the key to a healthier 2022?

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