Will Medical Cannabis Help HIV / AIDS?

Experts investigated the idea of ​​cannabinoid therapy in the treatment of long covids in a one-time webinar sponsored by the Society of Medical Cannabis Clinicians.

Professor Mike Burns, a neurologist and board member of the Society of Medical Cannabis Clinicians (MCCS), Dr. Anjari Didi, an Australian-based general practitioner, and Dr. Hosseini, Australia’s Chief Scientific Officer, have joined us. BOD medicine, Explore the potential role of cannabinoids in the treatment of long covids.

The webinar, held on Tuesday, November 30, is aimed at clinicians who may be treating patients who have been experiencing long-term Covid patients and want to learn about alternative therapies and treatments. ..

It has never been so timely after the emergence of a new, concerned variant, Omicron, in the United Kingdom.

Dr. Anjarididi focused on CBD, THC, CBG, CBC, and CBDV to explain the importance of the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in the body and how it interacts with different cannabinoids. .. She emphasized the important role of CB1 and CB2 receptors throughout the body.

Different cannabinoids have different associated benefits. Studies show that CBG can respond to skin tumors, and CBC and CBDVA can reduce seizures by up to 40%.

Dr. Diddy said doctors are often nervous about prescribing cannabinoids such as THC, but don’t worry.

Dr. Diddy: “THC interacts with the CB1 receptor as an agonist. It is responsible for the intoxicating effect at high doses, which is important to know when you prescribe. CBD has that intoxicating effect. It’s worrisome when people first start prescribing at low doses or 50:50 doses, as it is known to counteract, but that’s unlikely. The rules always start low and progress slowly. increase.”

Originally based in the UK before moving to Australia, Dr. Diddy has treated both British and Australian patients.

When she began seeing a long Covid patient in the clinic, she noticed a particular set of symptoms that occurred in the patient about two months after infection.

“Longcovid was what I was labeling a series of symptoms and was usually seen in people about two months after an acute infection,” she explained.

“who It is now called Postcovid-19 Syndrome or Postacute Sequelae Covid (PASC). Symptoms that appear in the reports and in my practice include insomnia, depression, anxiety, mental and physical fatigue, shortness of breath, and coughing. “

Her patients also report pain in a variety of locations, including joints, headaches, chest pain, myalgia, neurocognitive dysfunction, involuntary movements, and persistent anosmia. Case reports also show repeated fever, fever, and dizziness.

It was a unique study of CBD and sleep that persuaded Dr. Diddy to try to prescribe cannabinoids for the treatment of long covids. She described her experience prescribing cannabis to one of her patients.

Long Covid Case Study

The patient Dr. Diddy chose to present was a 42-year-old British male patient who contacted Covid in March. He was diagnosed after losing his sense of smell.

“His first infection occurred in another country in March, and there was a sudden loss of smell when he couldn’t smell coffee. He was pretty well on its own for three or four days. He did [then] He began to develop a lot of diarrhea and his acute infection with myalgia turned from day 10 into shortness of breath with headaches, night sweats and coughing, “she said.

“The biggest thing was that it got worse when he was lying down, so he slept on two or three pillows. He worked hard in the financial industry, but since the infection. I’ve never been well. “

Dr. Diddy explained that her patient experienced many disorders with muscle fasciculation. [twitching] Among the bodies that caused a lot of anxiety, he brought about a pattern of insomnia that made him unable to sleep.

Her patient was healthy without chronic conditions, but said he had asthma and allergies as a child. After struggling for nine months after the first infection, he began to see a doctor. He was also absent from work for several months as a result of his illness.

“He had some Pill rolling tremor It was worried about him, and he learned to hold and sit with his right hand to prevent fasciculations inherited from his thought process. I felt he couldn’t think like before, but I didn’t have a way to measure it, and he didn’t. He was tired enough that he couldn’t walk his daughter to school. It was a 10-15 minute walk to the school. “

In addition to brain fog and malaise, Dr. Diddy’s patient also felt pain in his muscles and stabbed chest pain, which he reported to be quite debilitating. But his biggest problem was lack of sleep, and he tried to help with prescription drugs and alcohol.

Dr. Diddy said: “Since PASC began, he hasn’t been able to sleep all night. In retrospect, whether it’s due to a blockade or anxiety about his symptoms, it’s fasciculatory. I felt it was a contraction as well as the speed of thinking in my head. It could have been a fusion of things. “

Long COVID crash

In April, her patient experienced what he described as a “Covid crash.”

Dr. Diddy gave an overview of the various drugs he tried, but then suggested discussing medical cannabis.

She explained: “He was able to walk a little, but was very tired. In September, he couldn’t get out of bed for two weeks, and his wife brought a makeshift toilet bowl. When I wake up, I notice that my joints hurt and I’m out of balance. “

Doctors started him with a small amount of Seroquel to help improve his sleep, then he started with a small amount of BOD medical cannabis products in a ratio of 20 mg CBD and less than 2 percent THC.

He began to relieve his anxiety, but experienced libido problems and wanted to reduce SSRIs.Dr. Diddy Medical cannabis But he started to get sleepy.He was successful with 20 mg Medcavilis [the BOD product] However, I felt that 40mg was too strong for him.

“I wanted to help him make the decision to go back to work,” she added.

“I asked him to try a new SSRI, but he continues with CBD, which he never stopped. A day or two he stopped it, he feels tired. I felt bad. He was also able to complete a 10 minute walk that could take his daughter to school. “

Dr. Diddy also published another case study of women Long covid A person who suffered from sleep. She was prescribed a 50:50 ratio of THC to CBD. She reported that she maintained her dose because it helped her daytime anxiety.

Dr. Hosseini of BOD Medical Cannabis elaborated on the two products used in both case studies.

“The two case studies mentioned are: Medica Billis 5%, This is a prescription-grade, pharmaceutical-grade product in the UK, “she said.

“It’s 50 mg per ml of CBD, but it also contains other minor cannabinoids. THC is less than 2 mg per ml, so to manage symptoms related to neurological or psychological effects such as anxiety. The prescription is relatively safe. “

So can cannabinoids treat Covid-19?

Professor Burns concludes the panel with a recent study suggesting that cannabinoids may help the lung inflammation experienced by Covid patients.

NS study From early 2021, it became clear that some cannabis strains may help alleviate a type of inflammatory pain called a “cytokine storm.”

He suggested that cannabinoids could reduce the number of patients suffering from symptoms, as long as Covid is sometimes caused by cytokine storms, an overreaction of the immune system.

“Cannabinoids – generally CBD – are anti-inflammatory and can reduce the incidence of long covids,” Burns commented.

“There are some early indicators from Israel and Canada, so people are looking around them more clearly.”

“This is a very important question for the health of the world, but I can’t answer it yet,” he added.

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Will Medical Cannabis Help HIV / AIDS?

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