Willow Court Waltham Monastery: Care Home Did Not Obey Covid’s Rules

Care Home staff did not comply with Covid’s safety rules and were unable to treat patients with respect, Watchdog revealed.

Willow Court, on Highbridge Street in Waltham Abbey, was ordered by the Care Quality Commission to improve care after inspection.

The guard dog inspector discovered that the staff was not wearing the face mask properly and spoke to the residents favorably.

There were also concerns about checking the quality of care, which health guards said would endanger residents.

The report states: “Most staff wore personal protective equipment properly during the test.

“But some staff wore masks under their noses and chins, which do not comply with current government guidelines and increase the risk of spreading the infection.

“It was regularly observed that staff did not follow the rules of social distance to each other, following government guidelines to reduce the spread of infection.

“The drug was safely stored and the dosing record was completely completed. However, instructions for administering the secret drug, the drug was disguised as food or drink, given to a person without knowing it, and the administration of the drug. There was a lack of specific details on how to do it. ”

Inspectors also found that some residents of the care home were spoken by staff. That meant they were not treated with respect or dignity.

The inspector saw one person not being called by his name by another person living in the staff or service.

The report states that there was no good reason for this and that there was no consultation with the person or his family.

The report also states:

“There was a culture of paternalistic behavior in which staff were observed to discipline people and call them” good boys. ” “One staff member said,” Staff will use the wrong tone and talk to people like children. ”

“We found no evidence that people were harmed, but they were not robust enough to show that the system was inadequate or that the quality of care at home was well monitored. ..

“This puts people at risk of harm.”

I asked the care home for comment.

Willow Court Waltham Monastery: Care Home Did Not Obey Covid’s Rules

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