Winner of Tutum Medical’s Health Innovation Award

Above: Paul Rawlinson (second from right), Director of Tutum Medical Ltd, has been awarded the “Delivering Innovation in to Healthhand Care” award.

Sheffield-based Tutum Medical has been nationally recognized for its significant contributions to the “Delivering Innovation in to Healthhand Care” at the recent Medilink UK Healthcare Business Awards in Birmingham.

This national award is due to the development of BEAMS (Bedside Equipment Critical Alarm Monitoring System), an acoustic monitoring system for all important bedside alarms, and a partnership with Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

BEAMS monitoring systems in single-bed rooms and 4- to 6-bay wards have significantly improved bedside critical alarm response times. This improves patient outcomes, improves nurse workflows, and reduces medical costs.

Paul Rawlinson, Managing Director Tutum Medical Ltd “It’s great to receive this award and it’s a valuable praise for everyone involved in the development of a unique BEAMS surveillance system, especially when we first approached us to develop this system. We would like to thank the sick Shefield Children’s Hospital and Professors Derekberg and Sue Ibers for their support and encouragement in the hospital. “

Missed hospital bedside alarms are very common. This can lead to key incidences such as: Patients who cannot take the prescribed amount of medication. Deterioration of patient health; serious injury and even death.

The success of the BEAMS system developed for Sheffield Children’s Hospital will allow nurses and other medical staff to improve the response time to hospital bedside alarms, especially for critical equipment. This not only makes the life of the employee easier, but also improves the care and experience of the patient. The system integrates the digital platform with audible monitors, speaker systems and nurse consoles. It also creates its own Wi-Fi mesh network that works in the main and does not need to be connected to the hospital infrastructure.

Sheffield Children’s Hospital is currently installing the system in 70 single rooms across six wards in the hospital, significantly improving response times to critical alarms. BEAMS is also at various stages of testing with other hospitals throughout the UK.

The prestigious Medilink UK Healthcare Business Awards, held in connection with Med-Tech Innovation, honor the outstanding business achievements, international successes and innovative breakthroughs achieved across the life sciences and healthcare technology sectors over the past year. Thing. The “Delivering Innovation into Health and Care” award has been adopted by the NHS and is sponsored by Unipart Logistics for innovations that are impacting efficacy, patient outcomes, and the cost of the NHS system.

Winner of Tutum Medical’s Health Innovation Award

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