Winners of Swan Sea Bay Business Award 2021 revealed

The best business and entrepreneurial success in the Swan Sea Bay City area was celebrated.

At the Swansea Bay Business Awards held last night at Swansea’s Branwin Hall, the entire Corporate of Year category was presented to the Port Talbot-based precision temperature equipment manufacturer Rototherm Group. We support the NHS and social care staff and create hundreds of new jobs in the process.

Rototherm also won the JCP Solicitors-sponsored medium to large business of the year category.

In addition, the Lifetime Contribution Award sponsored by EY Incentive was presented to Alun Williams, Chief Executive Officer of the Swansea Building Society. This shows that they have established the highest position in recognition of their mutual keen leadership over the last 20 years. In connection with its asset base, it builds a highly profitable and British society.

Jonathan Roberts, editor of the South Wales Evening Post, said:

Of course, these days pose unprecedented challenges for businesses around the world. Many could not survive, and many changed forever.

“Now we are starting to get out of the darkest hours of this pandemic, so we continue to look to our business leaders to provide the support our community urgently needs.

Their courage, knowledge and entrepreneurship are essential to address the challenge.

So it is right for us to meet again at Branwin Hall and spend a night of reflection and celebration. Here in Swansea Bay, we have the talent and tenacity to move forward again. “

The University of Wales Trinity St. David, Vortex IoT Adrian Sutton’s CEO-sponsored entrepreneur of the year.

Adrian is a co-founder of Vortex IoT, one of Wales’ bright start-ups.

Based in Swansea, the company creates AI-powered devices and systems to save time, money and the environment. Led by experienced engineers, we leverage technology to provide innovative technology solutions such as sensing devices and network systems to build a sustainable future. Over the course of four years, under his leadership, Vortex IoT has moved from start-up to scale-up with significant hiring, sales, and potential funding.

Business in the Community Awards sponsored by M & D Care and Community Impact Initiative.

The Community Impact Initiative CIC brings empty properties back to the housing market in an environmentally friendly and energy efficient way. This will improve the standard of living of the community and provide an affordable and effective solution to the Welsh housing and vacant home problem.

Innovation Awards sponsored by Intuety’s HM Sancta Maria Hospital.

Based in Port Talbot, Intuety Ltd provides a cost-effective and effective solution for safety risk management by leveraging the world’s leading proprietary natural language processing software.

Founded last year, Intuety is growing rapidly in a highly robust and resilient pipeline, with software alone expected to generate sales of over £ 1m over the next 18 months.

Tech Business of the Year sponsored by Morgan La Roche of Vortex IoT.

Vortex IoT creates AI-powered devices and systems to save time, money and the environment. Led by experienced engineers, we leverage technology to provide innovative technology solutions such as sensing devices and network systems to build a sustainable future.

In collaboration with the Neath Port Talbot Council, we broke new ground in Wales by conducting pilot studies testing the concept of local air pollution monitoring.

This year’s employer, Oma.

Ouma’s employee benefits package is reviewed every 6 months based on the opinions of the team. Swansea’s company also offers an annual budget of £ 5,000 per employee to cover benefits and personal development and training.

The expanding outsourcing marketing company is supporting SME business growth, brand development, and customer experience as the UK-wide client base grows.

Young Business Person of the Year sponsored by Gover College Swansea, Joel Dramondo and Sara McNena of Drop Bear Beer

Founded by Sala McNena and Joel Dramondo in 2019, Dropbear’s non-alcoholic beer is already making waves in the industry. It disrupts the traditional view of the predominantly male-dominated brewing world and the non-alcoholic beer market, and is about to build Wales’ first alcohol-free brewery after an investment of £ 1.5 million.

Customer Focus Sponsored by Vortex IoT, Delta Wellbeing

Delta Wellbeing’s CONNECT service was launched two weeks before the first blockade across the UK. The widespread deployment of digital support care, the first project of its kind in the UK, has led to more than 2,500 vulnerable people in preventive care and more than 18,500 active welfare calls in the first three months. Was done. The business was founded in 2018 as a municipal trading company that was formerly a careline service for the Carmarthenshire County Council.

This year’s entrepreneurship sponsored by Badass Mother Runners, Welsh Development Bank

Badass Mother Runners is an online retail brand that has grown from a simple hoodie or casual T-shirt to a complete technical running kit catalog. Originally founded by Neath’s Beverley Logan in 2018, the company’s growth has been dramatic and the brand now boasts a wide range of award-winning products.

Family Business of the Year, Gabbing Refis Recycling

Gavin Griffiths Recycling was founded 15 years ago by Gavin Griffiths in Carmarthenshire. Throughout the UK, we offer various professional waste recycling and land restoration, truck rental skipping acquisitions, as well as plant rental and high volume waste transportation solutions. During the pandemic, it expanded on Kumguiri’s second 40-acre site.

Small Business of the Year sponsored by Lloyds Banking Group Celtic Timber.

Celtic Timber has evolved from a “one-man band” business selling sleepers in Pembrokeshire to a business that employs 25 full-time skilled staff and specializes in several niche wood-based products. bottom. These include shelves, vintage barrels, furniture and more. Its state-of-the-art sawmill operates non-stop during the pandemic to meet the growing demand for improved home and garden products.

Sponsored by Medium to Large Business of the Year, JCP Soliciters, and Rototherm Group.

Rototherm Group, a manufacturer of industrial measuring instruments dating back to the 1880s, also rotated during pandemics, producing medical masks, protective face shields, and equipment for healthcare professionals.

As a result, the Port Talbot-based company produced 3 million PPE items a month, and at some point its workforce grew to 400.

Today, we are creating 250 new permanent jobs through a new partnership agreement with Bollé, the world’s leading personal protective equipment (PPE) safety eyewear specialist.

The partnership makes Rototherm’s medical and protective equipment division, Roto Medical, the exclusive UK manufacturer of PPE eyewear for the healthcare industry at Bollé Safety.

Recently expanded with the acquisition of Micronics Flow Measurement, the market leader in ultrasonic clamps for flowmeters used in energy management solutions in the building services sector.

Ernst & Young, Chief Executive Officer of the Swansea Building Society, Lifelong Contribution of the Year sponsored by EY Incentives

Allan Williams

Under the keen leadership of CEO Alun Williams, the Swansea Building Society has established itself as one of the UK’s premier financial institutions.

Banks have withdrawn from the boulevard, but each other is engaged in direct interaction with customers, as represented by the opening of a newest branch office in Cowbridge before the pandemic, but also invested in digital offers. doing.

The Swansea Building Society, an indigenous business success story that supports justification for the entire region, was ranked as the UK’s most profitable building-and-loan union last year. It also confirmed that its total wealth was £ 414m, a significant increase from £ 370m in the previous year and the 30th largest.

Arun joined society in 2001 and played a senior role in retail, business and corporate banking. He is one of the most respected CEOs in the UK’s financial services sector and is considered a leading leader in Wales’ business world.

Business of the Year Rototherm (see above)

At a glance:

The University of Wales Trinity St. David-sponsored Entrepreneur of the Year-Adrian Sutton, CEO of Vortex IoT.

HMT Sancta Maria Hospital-Innovation Awards sponsored by Intuety.

Business in the Community Awards sponsored by the M & D Care-Community Impact Initiative.

Tech Business of the Year sponsored by Morgan La Roche of Vortex IoT

This year’s employer-Oma.

This year’s young businessman sponsored by Gower College Swansea-Joel Dramondo and Sara McNena, Drop Bear Beer.

Customer Focus Sponsored by Vortex IoT-Delta Wellbeing.

This year’s startup business sponsored by the Welsh Development Bank-Badass Mother Runners.

Family Business of the Year-Gabbing Refis Recycle.

Small Business of the Year sponsored by Lloyd Banking Group-Celtic Timber.

Medium to large business of the year sponsored by JCP Solicitors-Rototherm Group.

Lifetime Contribution Awards sponsored by EY Incentives-Ernst & Young of the Swan Sea Building Society.

Business of the Year Awards-Lotto Therm Group.

Winners of Swan Sea Bay Business Award 2021 revealed

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