Winter skin care tips (and the best products) to keep your complexion fresh

Raise that hand skin Do you see all the tears, juicy and plump now? * Tumbleweed *

nobody. Who is it Literally everyone.

Think of it as a fully signed-up member of the Wizard Winterskin Club, along with the whole country. Tightness, Dry When Flaky All you’re experiencing is perfectly normal at this time of the year (you can first blame dehydration central heating, wind whiplash, and sunless moody).

“In addition to outdoor low temperatures and indoor central heating, we spend more time in front of the screen than ever before, and many of us are experiencing uplifting. stress – All of this can cause absolute havoc on our skin, ”says Marie Reynolds, a skin and wellness expert.

And while blue January is real, this isn’t always good news for our skin. anxiety It contributes to the inundation of cortisol (our stress hormone) and exacerbates the production of oil in the skin. It also causes sleep deprivation, so our skin is not effectively repaired at night.And let us also mention the relentless irritation from Breakout with a mask??

Excuse me for French, but it makes a perfect skin sh * tshow with a painful and moody surface Sensitive,pepper scratch Accumulates under unfriendly dry skin. So how about fixing this, did you agree?

We’ve put together a large selection of smart tips, actionable routine strategies, and product recommendations to help you build a winter “skinned” fortress that counters all of the above. Read to return to the glow game.

1. Press Pause on these products

Looking at what you are already using, you may be causing irritation and dehydration. Switch it or undo it. for example:

  • Over cleansing Foaming formulas or electronic brushes can be used to infiltrate the skin with important natural oils that help strengthen and protect the skin’s barriers. Instead, use warm water and soft flannel in the morning and evening, and be gentle with milk, oil, or a balm cleanser (see our pick later).
  • When used correctly, Exciting products like that Vitamin C When Retinol, Pore ​​Purge Clay Mask When Intensive leather It could be a transformational wonder for problematic skin-the evidence is there. But if your skin is hurt now, pull back the big guns and save them in case your complexion is readjusted and calmed down.
  • Make it easier Rough facial scrub: Your skin is dealing with an unusually high level of inflammation, so don’t beat it any further with a physical exfoliator. However, continue to use your favorite acid toner to maintain a stable cell turnover and for other products to perform at their best (see Mild Winter Recommendations).

2. Use layer technique

Many trusted dermatologists and professionals we speak at GLAMOR all agree that winter skin care strategies should be the focus. Stack your products..If you haven’t read it yet Caroline Hirons skin care book Still, her approach based on years of insight and knowledge is:

“Treat your skin like clothing. If you layer clothing, layer skin care. At this time of the year, you need a skin care“ wardrobe ”more than any other skin care product. Cleansing, tone (acid / mist or both), serum, oil, cream, SPF and / or balm. When and how much of all this is used depends on the skin, but a general rule of thumb is to start with “less, more” and if the skin is still absorbing the product, keep going (The only thing to note is stacking silicone products. They don’t always work well together and can “peel” or “roll”, which feels tough. “

Still want to load into one thick layer of thick cream for that thirsty hit? “If you apply a generous amount to your skin at once, you may feel moisture immediately, but it takes a long time for the fibrous structure of your skin to absorb everything efficiently,” said Dr. Jart +. Really, Head of Global Education, explains. “But layering techniques can be used to pace each step so that it can absorb beneficial ingredients, and it also helps to strengthen the skin’s barrier.”

Below is a dream shopping cart with each key layer.

3. Get expert opinion

If your winter skin problems are intolerable and emotionally destructive, it may be encouraging to show your face professionally for a really good test. And this doesn’t mean traveling for expensive consultation just to be forced to buy your own brand. The exact opposite.

Look at these Virtual skin consulting service, Many of them are free, or book a session with Lion / ne, An online destination launched during the blockade in the spring of 2020. Co-founders Ksenia Selivanova and Megan Felton are qualified estheticians to provide “skin interviews”. That means dig deeper into your skin needs with unbiased product advice (starting at £ 65 in 45 minutes).

Dija Ayodele, one of our most trusted skin health experts and glamor contributors, is the founder of West Room Aesthetics and she offers her hour. Skin health consultation.. In addition to Dija’s incredible insights and advice, you’ll get personalized digital notebooks and suggestions for products that will truly change the life of your skin, so this is what you’ve ever spent. The best you can do is £ 125. “Nothing beats professional bespoke skin care advice tailored to your individual skin and concerns,” says Dija. “In the long run, it saves time, money, and heartache.” I couldn’t agree anymore.

4. Reuse the skin care kit.

Before a big party, do you know how to carry everything from your wardrobe in the hope of finding a magical forgotten dress that will be perfectly useful for your event? Do the same with your skin care! Dig into everything. All cleansers and creams are hidden and all placed in front of you. Then split everything into the above layered categories. Is there anything missing that I can add? Is there anything that needs to be replaced with a richer texture for the winter? Even better, are there any extravagant tasting bottles that you’ve kept for rainy days? This is my friend’s rainy day.

5. Let’s shop!

Below is a carefully selected list of trial-and-error and reliable products along with layering strategies for optimal winter skin slation. They focus on maximizing water levels, preventing dehydration and inflammation, and relieving the inflammatory response to stress, extreme weather, and rashes. Immerse yourself in this best selection and watch your skin change from dirty to shiny within a few days.

Winter skin care tips (and the best products) to keep your complexion fresh

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