Woman who adopted urban fox in Hampstead dies ‘sadly’

Kiki Kendrick, who lives on Mackeson Road, South End Green, met Mr. Mackie three years ago when she was packing her car for a trip to Wales to see her mother.

From this encounter, a friendship began, and Mr. Mackie took Kiki and her husband, Robin, home from the bus stop.
Jumped out the living room window when no plate of food had been left for him.

Kiki says:

“I was so happy that I ran to pick up the phone, but when I came back, all I had left was a chewed-up shoe.

“After that first encounter, we met more or less each time we tried to drive early in the morning to Wales. He even tried to come with us in the car. ”

Mr. McKee sunbathing (Image: Kiki Kendrick)

She started giving him leftovers and even gave him his own plate as Mr. Mackie began to show up more often after his mother died.

“Mr. McKee was Mr. McKee and started waiting for dinner at the gate. Be warned, he crossed the line when service was slightly delayed, climbed out the living room window and sat on the couch,” he said. Are you ready for dinner yet? ”

The daring fox even followed Kiki while she was walking her dog.

“Mr Mackie was fit, handsome, and didn’t stay up late. I remember him stepping onto the South End Green in broad daylight like a billionaire strolling down Bond Street. I remember,” she added.

“But Mackeson Road was his home and my apartment was his favorite restaurant.

“He didn’t just live on Mackeson Road, he owned it, so we naturally called him Mr. Mackie.”

However, she suspects that Mr. Mackey’s self-confidence may have ultimately led to his downfall.

“Mr. Mackie was not foxlike, nor cunning, nor concealed with rounded corners, but brazen, with his head held high, fearless, rolling about in the middle of the road; the car was him. I had to run around.

“I think it was just a matter of time,” said Kiki.

On Tuesday (April 18th), McKee met Kiki and Robin at the bus stop like a “concierge”.

The next day she brought out food for him, and it was still there the next morning.

“I felt like something was up,” she said. “Even if he didn’t like what was served, he flipped it out of the bowl.
‘Don’t give me this again’ so it was always clear he was.”

kiki kendrick (Image: Kiki Kendrick)

Later, a friend posted a picture of the fox on a WhatsApp group. Mr. McKee “appeared to be sunbathing” on the cardboard, but the fox was dead.

“He looked calm. Maybe he rolled in front of the wrong car,” she added. “So sad.”

She said a neighbor posted a photo of Vixen and her four cubs living under the summer house.

The fox that Kiki believes may be Mrs. McKee. (Image: Kiki Kendrick)

“I hope Mr. McKee lives on in them,” she added.

“Rip Mr. Macky. I’m leaving the last sip for your journey tonight.”

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