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Woman wins £ 23,000 after fast food boss tells her to strip

Fast food shop workers earned over £ 20,000 after the manager told them to take off their clothes and do a “strip show.”

Boss Zoltan Suzoke was accused of repeatedly touching women when they were working together at the Peri Peri Chicken joints.

At one point he squeezed her arm and refused to release them, saying, “I close early and you can take off your clothes and do a striptease for me.” I heard you did.

The woman was also told at work that her Islamic branch was “the cause of terrorism in the world.”

She is currently earning £ 23,000 after the referee has ruled that she is a victim of sexual and religious harassment.

A hearing in Watford reportedly began working as a front-end staff member in May 2017 at Pepe’s Piri Piri in Northwood, Middlesex.

In January 2018, the woman sent a text message to Hungary’s Suzok saying she was running a little late and apologized.

He said “OK” and then sent back a text message “luvya”. The umpire heard that Mr. Suzok insisted that it was likely a mistake to send this to his wife, but the explanation was rejected because Hungarians usually did not speak to his wife in English. rice field.

Employment judge Sarah George decided that this was not discrimination or harassment, but “in our view it is very hard to say to a conservative Muslim woman he was not particularly friendly with. It was familiar to me. “

In June 2018, Mr. Suzoke was seen grabbing a woman and sexually harassing her.

The woman told the referee: “The action of Zoltan, the assistant manager, on me [become] Inappropriate … every time we shift, he begins to touch me. “

The umpire heard that he “grabbed her arm in a very inappropriate and unpleasant way to refuse to let go” and said, “I close early and you take off your clothes and strip for me. You can have a show. “

Judge George determined that this was sexual harassment and added: [the woman’s] dignity. “

In July 2018, Mohammed Hussein, the father of restaurant owner Arif Hussein, commented on equating Wahhabism, a Wahhab woman, with radicalism and terrorism.

The referee heard that there was a conversation about Nawaz Sharif, then Prime Minister of Pakistan, when Mr Hussein snr interrupted the conversation and said it was due to Saudi Arabia.

“He was brainwashed by the influence of Saudi Arabia and the Wahhabists. Saudi Arabia was the cause of extremism and terrorism, the cause of terrorist attacks in the world, and went away.”

The woman sent a message to Arif Hussein about this: “We need to deal with this discrimination that is happening at work … when Mohammed is already there, he always makes sneaky and rude remarks. .. I want this I can’t stand the problem to deal with anymore. “

Hussein’s reply was, “You seem to be against people who oppose terrorism and religious extremism. If you ask someone to stop opposition to such issues, I will report to the police. Is what you need to do. “

Judge George found both men guilty of religious harassment of women and added: The Wahhabists are inevitably associated with extremism, and their belief is that they are “the cause of terrorism in the world.”

“Mr. Hussein did not distinguish Wahhabism from radicalism, terrorism, and equated it without qualification.”

The referee found that the woman resigned in August 2018 in response to a wage error, but she felt she was a victim of bullying and harassment, saying, “I’ve been targeted for months, toxic. “Environment” was mentioned.

Her allegations of sexual and religious harassment were successful and the referee awarded her £ 23,408.20.

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Woman wins £ 23,000 after fast food boss tells her to strip

Source link Woman wins £ 23,000 after fast food boss tells her to strip

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