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Wordle: Authors of apps with the same name have seen a significant increase in downloads

The developer, who suddenly won 500,000 downloads because the app five years ago shared its name with the viral sensation puzzle game, vowed to make a profit.

Steven Cravotta, 24, developed the word game Wordle at the age of 18 and uploaded it to Apple’s App Store over five years ago, but soon abandoned the project and hasn’t updated it since.

Over the last few weeks, another puzzle game (also known as Wordle) has become viral and regularly trending on Twitter as players share their results.

However, the game is played in a web browser, so the first thing users come across when searching for an app is Cravotta’s game.

He told PA News Agency: “I logged in to the app development dashboard a week ago, but what I saw was insane. Wordle, which I hadn’t touched for five years, had 200,000 downloads, and as before, two a day. , Was downloaded 3 times. “

The web-based version of Wordle, created by British developer Josh Wardle, has been a huge hit in the last two months.

Wardle intentionally keeps the game simple and uses only one puzzle per day, so it doesn’t take too long and doesn’t require the user’s attention.

The player must use the green, yellow, and gray blocks to guess the five-letter word and indicate which letter is right, right or wrong.

The eye-catching patterns of blocks can be shared on social media. Social media sends a lot of people searching for the game itself, along with media coverage and tweets from well-known fans, and some find Cravotta’s game instead.

“Yesterday we had 130,000 downloads, so the reaction to this was insane. This was something I couldn’t imagine,” he said.

In Josh Wardle’s Wordle game, the player tries the five-letter word of the day six times.

The number of game downloads in 2016, which is also a word puzzle, with different rules, is now up to 500,000, and the game itself is free, but it still leads to thousands of dollars in revenue.

And after contacting Mr. Wardle, he spends the money (currently about US $ 3,000 (£ 2,200)) on Boost, an organization that provides free tutoring and guidance to children in disadvantaged areas of Auckland! Decided to donate to.

He states: “After all, this was all caused by Josh’s app, right? And I want to respect his mission.

“That is, no matter what the numbers, this is not a matter of money for me. This is to do great things for the world, and as you know, I can get this opportunity. I’m happy to be able to do it. “

Despite the name confusion, about 30% of people are returning to the app after downloading it and continuing to play it, Cravotta said, “given the fact that this isn’t really the app you’re looking for. It was pretty good. ” “.

Cravotta’s latest project is an app called PuffCount that aims to help people smoke a fair amount of e-cigarettes.

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Wordle: Authors of apps with the same name have seen a significant increase in downloads

Source link Wordle: Authors of apps with the same name have seen a significant increase in downloads

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