Work experience program with launch group: #CreateYourFuture

Launch Group offers MBDA’s three-week work experience program in Stevenage. This may offer apprenticeship offers from 2023. Apply now. #CreateYourFuture!

Evaluation date: July 7, 2022

Program date: July 11-29, 2022

About opportunities

MBDA has worked with Launch Group to develop a bespoke three-week employment program designed to give future apprentices business insights and opportunities to prepare for the next apprenticeship. did.

The program prepares candidates for employment through:

  • Development of teamwork, communication and employability skills
  • Providing a week of work experience placement within MBDA
  • Improve your interview skills in preparation for the interview process
  • Provides insights into the defense industry, MBDA business and duties.

Apprentices you can access

By completing this program, you will have access to a variety of apprenticeship roles, including:

  • Level 3 project management and planning apprenticeship
  • Level 4 General Engineering Apprentice
  • Level 6 Business Bachelor Apprentice
  • Level 6 Environmental Bachelor Apprentice
  • Level 6 IT Cyber ​​Analyst Degree Apprentice
  • Level 6 Software Modeling Degree Apprentice
  • Level 6 Electrical Engineering Apprentice
  • Level 6 Software Engineering Apprentice
  • Level 6 Mechanical Engineering Apprentice
  • Level 6 IM Information System Degree Apprentice

How to apply

For more information or registration of interest, see The Launch Group Recruiting Team (0191 2618456) or

Discover a youth-friendly employer

Send us an email at Or call 01536513388.

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14 to 24 years old?

Work experience program with launch group: #CreateYourFuture

Source link Work experience program with launch group: #CreateYourFuture

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